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Mary Jaz Mayer, BF, BPF, AFF, CEU provider

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Name: Mary Jaz Mayer, BF, BPF, AFF, CEU provider
Certification: Bars Facilitator
Phone: 804-928-9516
Location: available in VA, MD, DC, & NC 1230 Stanhope Ave, Richmond, VA 23227
Email Email Mary Jaz Mayer, BF, BPF, AFF, CEU provider

About Mary Jaz Mayer, BF, BPF, AFF, CEU provider

Mary is a certified as an Access BARS® Facilitator,
an Access® Energetic Facelift Facilitator
as well as an Access® Body Process Facilitator'

I love to FACILITATE CHANGE for those who are asking for positive change NOW! (Facilitate means... "to make easy" and it is my target to do that with every class, every session.)


Truth! are you a Resilient Optimist?

Do you know deep down that life doesn’t really need to be so hard? How wonderful might it feel to be more relaxed and at ease in your day-to-day life?….AHHHH Do you even think that’s possible?

Would you like to sleep better, reduce your "mind chatter" and feel lighter, happier and more energized? What if learning some simple new tools would allow that to be your new way of being?

And would you like to offer all these benefits to your kids, your spouse, your family —and if you’re in the healing arts—especially to your clients? What if taking an Access Bars class would be an expansive choice for you, your body, your family and your Business?

Taking a Bars class can be a great way to come together as a group and enjoy the contribution we can be to one another through laughter, fun and good food and the incredibly relaxing Access Bars.

Consider the possibilities of inviting others to take the class with you... Parents and teens learning side-by-side. Couples taking the class together. BFF's or co-workers learning this stress-reducing technique together. What's the possibility for taking the training with those you would like to trade with after classes?

The aim of this class is to empower YOU! to know what you know and learn to trust that. Learning the Access Bars process, along with several other simple tools is a great start for those just beginning this journey, —or a powerful and gentle reminder of all those well along this path of awareness.

During this training, you will be guided to learn Access Bars by a Certified Access Bars facilitator—I am a seasoned facilitator who loves to use the tools of Access consciousness to facilitate (or co-facilitate) your class.

I bring more than 4 years of experience facilitating Access Bars classes, Access Body process classes and Access energetic facelift classes. What does that mean for you? It means I am aiming to present from a space of open-heartedness… from a joyful allowance and playful optimism. I am loving the energetic chemistry of the people who are drawn to take classes with me, and inviting us all to experience the expansiveness that can create for each of us and the world we live in. How did we all get so blessed to be together on these co-operative journey’s of self-discovery?

ALL are invited. TEENS and preteens and small ones are welcome with parents who enroll.
15-16 yrs old are 1/2 off the adult fees for classes
under 15 free of charge to attend classes with a parent -- call me, and lets work out how make this super easy for all of us.

Thanks for considering this new possibility!
Have questions? Wish to discuss payment options? Reach out to me (Mary Jaz Mayer) on my cell phone at 804-928-9516.
You are welcome to text me, or call me and leave a time for a call back.


Have you finally asked "Shouldn't this be easier?"

I'll let you in on A LITTLE SECRET…
I know how you feel…
I've SPENT MORE THAN 25 years studying self-healing and self-improvement methods…
all of which provided brilliant ways to recognize and "FIX" what was WRONG with me!

THEN, I discovered a remarkably EASY PROCESS FOR CHANGE that asks the question...
WHAT IF THERE IS NOTHING WRONG with me that has to be fixed?
What if life was just a CHOICE without judgement?
WOW, that was an eye opener for me!

What if Change could be that for you?
I'd love to help facilitate that for you. To hold your hand until you are ready to fly!
Allow me to be your INVITATION TO CHANGE...
Are you ready to make that investment in you?

It was the traumatic and untimely death of my husband, Bill, who was my loving partner; creative business partner-- and fellow spiritual seeker for 27 years-- that became my catalyst for demanding that my life change -- I just knew something so much better was possible. There had to be something more than haunting memories of Bill's death and dying process in the hospital's Intensive Care Unit. I knew in my heart that it must be possible to shift from the grief, deep sadness and overwhelm to something so much better! I followed that knowing and kept making new choices and taking action.

I MADE A NEW CHOICE, It was time to make an investment in ME!!!
I sought out and found a BARS® Class being taught the very next weekend!
(It is magical to watch how fast the universe will bring us the means to out-picture our dreams once we get clear and ask for support).

It turned into a life-saving decision...
In the course of my 8 hour training class in Access BARS® ,
from feeling numb, detached and overwhelmed with grief
to allowing myself to feel light-hearted and laugh for the first time in 3 years-- (maybe even ever!)
and I could SEE NEW POSSIBILITIES that I could not previously see.

THE REST OF THE STORY- Swift and lasting change!

Wow, The power of the Access tools --( like asking questions to bring up the energy so that it can be looked at and a new choice can be made) --started to shift and change my world with each application.
When I first "had my Bars run" (as it is sometimes called), I experienced a profound and life-changing shift in my level of grief and in my ability to experience joy.
It was my It was swift, efficient and lasting!

Everyone noticed and commented on the "new" me. I felt lighter and happier! I laughed easily, and no longer suffered from anxiety attacks. I didn't have those moments of overwhelm in which I felt like a "deer in the headlights" any more -- being too numb to know what to do in a given moment.

"What if life could be so much easier that we've ever imagined?"

A whole cascade of positive outcomes followed suit...
relationships improved; money flowed easier; I stood up for myself in new ways; new ideas flowed easily; I cried less and appreciated more; I traveled to new places with ease; I embraced my new business direction; I stepped into being more of who I've always been and came out of hiding my gifts and talents.

So, I hope you'll forgive me for being a wee bit enthusiastic about the level of positive lasting change I've experienced by using the tools of Access Consciousness!

Are you ready to demand a Positive change of your own?
Are you ready to work with someone who's been there and gotten the t-shirt? Someone who's excited to walk with you through the process till you're ready to fly under your own power?

How easy could it be to call me, text me or send an email with your questions?
When you're ready, you'll know. Just make a choice! (Either choice is fine.)
The choice that feels exciting... or light and easy will be what you're ready for next.
Trust your knowing and be at ease.

What's possible after just ONE Bars™ session?
For one woman with 30 yr food addictions, session provides relief with new possibilities.

" I'm feeling good. I felt mellow and relaxed all week even though work has been busy. I've been able to rise above the stress, be more positive and "lighter." I have been using the questions throughout the day, typed them up and posted at work, home, and my wallet. I've also been perceiving fewer issues about food or deciding what to eat. I eat what my body indicates it wants, with less underlying mental/emotional drama. When I eat something that starts to make me anxious, or I attach a judgment to it, I use the questions to release that judgment and anxiety. Still a work in progress but this is a wonderful tool! "
Kathy, Williamsburg, VA

How much FUN and CHANGE could we co-create for you and your body?
+ I've loved teaching this work throughout VA (Richmond, Chesapeake, Warrenton & Springfield, Lorton and McLean, as well as DC, MD, NC (Raleigh, Winston-Salem) and Brooklyn.

+ Call for Private 90 min sessions
(My Sessions combine Bars® and Access® Body processes,
(Or schedule an Access™ Energetic Facelift session)
+ Learn these powerful tools for change in a Fun and easy class setting!
Gift your family and friends; Expand your offerings to your clients
Learn Access Consciousness: THE BARS®
Learn Access Body processes

+ How about you and some friends grouping several Bars® sessions together?
or hosting a day long Bars® session in your home or business?

To facilitate greater classes, and as we build more conscious, aware and Happier communities around the region, What else is Possible to share these classes through VA MD and NC to those willing to benefit?

Fellow practitioners:
Since I love to travel and meet new people and am open for joyful adventures...
How wonderful is it to be able to share THE BARS® and Access® Body processes with lots of new people northward into Virginia, Maryland, DC and southward into NC?

My sincere GRATITUDE and appreciation to Gary Douglas, Founder of Access Consciousness, to Dr. Dain Heer, Co-founder and facilitator, for bringing this work to the world.
And my gratitude to all those ACCESS people I've had the good fortune to meet and share classes, clearings, Bars and friendships with along the way. Thank you all for your contribution to expanded awareness and consciousness. Gratitude goes out to my family, friends and colleagues who have been so supportive as my journey unfolds.
All of life comes to us with Ease and Joy and Glory!


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