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Meryl Brinin

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Name: Meryl Brinin
Certification: Practitioner
Phone: 917-301-6560
Location: 2825 West 12 Street Apt 13M
New York
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About Meryl Brinin

Welcome To The Bars.My Websites are barswithmeryl.com, merylbrinin.com, and richhealing.com to learn more and connect with me.

I am an Intuitive Healer, Teacher, Coach, & Access Bars Facilitator residing in Brooklyn, NY.

My Healing Services Include:Transformational Life Coaching, Shamanism, Reiki, Somatic Healing, Alchemical Hypnotherapy, RICH Healing Sessions, & Global Teleclass Facilitator.

I have studied Ayurveda & Meditation with Deepak Chopra at the Chopra Center & Spa as well as being a Certified Champissage (Indian Head Massage) & Kansa Vatki Foot Massage Practitioner.

I am also a Healing Events Producer of 5 Meetup Communities For Energy Healers & Spiritual Seekers in NYC & facilitate healing events, ceremonies, workshops, spiritual retreats, and classes with Shamans, Crystal Skull Keepers, Native American Medicine Men, Ascension Teachers, Breath Work Practitioners, & Spiritual Authors & Musicians.

I am currently actualizing my healing center to offer natural healing techniques of all modalities for children with Autism & their caregivers. I am a proud parent of a teenage son with ADD & Aspergers & desire to give back to other families what I have learned & applied on my own healing journey. I have recently run my son's Bars for the first time and observed him joyfully giggling for the first half hour of the session before he was able to allow himself to simply let go and RECEIVE. I have been aware of many energetic shifts that have occurred very rapidly even after one just one session.

You may contact me for a private session or to participate or host a Bars Access Class or Workshop in NY/NJ/CT.I can be contacted on my personal website at merylbrinin.com

I am looking forward to answering your questions & raising the consciousness of the planet together.

What Else Is Possible?

In Ease & Oneness!
Meryl Vandana Brinin


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