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Meryl Brinin

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Name: Meryl Brinin
Certification: Practitioner
Phone: 917-301-6560
Location: 2825 West 12 Street Apt 13M
New York
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About Meryl Brinin

Welcome To My Profile Page! Thanks for visiting!

To learn more about my holistic healing services, classes, & sacred gatherings online & locally in NYC, visit http://vandanalighthealing.com & http://acceleratedlighthealing.com

I am an Energy Healer, Accelerated Light Healing Teacher, Spiritual Coach, & Sacred Guided Journeys Recording Artist.

My greatest joy is to watch magical manifest unfold & manifest in peoples lives with ease & grace! I love working one on one with my clients to help them get crystal clear about their soul mission & life purpose by remembering their unique gifts & divine essence.

I offer shamanic soul retrieval, multidimensional healing activations, & energetic body processes that unwind & unravel unconscious programs & ancestral patterns that block us from seeing beyond the veil into the quantum field of infinite possibilities.

I create recordings for those that cannot meet me in person that assist people to instantly clear away lifetimes of stress, struggle, & trauma held in our cellular biology & dna substance. These can be found on my website & listened to before going to bed with headphones for best results.

I look forward to running your bars & helping you get unstuck so you can rise above & move beyond false beliefs, stories, & conclusions that were never true and were never you from the past, past lives, & parallel realities.

With Ease, Joy, & Glory,

Meryl Vandana Brinin


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