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Geri Massott

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Name: Geri Massott
Certification: Bars Facilitator
Phone: 484-477-3694/215-355-4416
Location: 1034 Twin Silo Lane
Huntingdon Valley, 19006
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About Geri Massott

As a Healer certified in many different modalities, I find that the Bars are the most energetically changing. I have been doing bars for over 4 years now and the changes that have occurred in my life are amazing. To be part of a Bars Class and becoming a practitioner or facilitator will start making changes in your world and open you up to new possibilities. I love teaching, sharing, facilitating and gifting the Bars. Going beyond the Bars into the core class I realized just how important the bars are. Everyone should be getting their bars run. If this is something you have to have in your life, Welcome. It would be an honor to teach you.


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Access Bars® 26/Mar/2017 Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania, USA Geri Massott
Access Bars® 7/May/2017 Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania, USA Geri Massott
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