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Louisa Owyang

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Name: Louisa Owyang
Certification: Bars Facilitator
Phone: 1 415 812 4584
San Francisco
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About Louisa Owyang

Hi my name is Louisa,

10 years ago, I injured myself at work and suffered from excruciating lower back and neck pain. I was in bed for 3 and ½ months. At times, the pain was so intense I wanted to die so that I would not have to experience it anymore. I was given pain killers and muscle relaxants, only to find out it knocked me out and provided temporary relief.

I was seen by two physicians. One diagnosed me as having repetitive strain injury and the other said I had minor nerve irritation and the pain I was experiencing was all in my head. I requested to be seen by a chiropractor and my request was denied by both physicians. Given this information, I was released back to work. After returning to work, I found myself working for an intimidating and abusive boss who was not willing to work with me in light of my disability. I stayed at my job as long as I could. Then, one day I said to myself. That's it, I've had enough, and I am not taking this anymore. There must be more to life than this pain and suffering. I quit my job and decided to find alternative modalities to heal my body without drugs. During my quest, I tried many forms of manual therapy, chi-gong, metaphysics and the Church of Scientology with minimal results. I was still limping in moderate pain with flare-ups and intermittent nerve pain. I then tried chiropractic care and energy work. My body did better, I wasn't limping anymore, and yet, I was still experiencing frequent mild to moderate pain with flare-ups. There was something still missing. One day, I said to my self, I wish I could find some tools that I could utilize to facilitate my body to heal. After, asking that question,I found Access.

Since I've been utilizing the Access tools and body processes, I no longer have the flare-ups with my lower back and neck. I can do all the things I enjoyed doing prior to my work-related injury. I am a lot happier now and have more joy and ease in my life and body. I also came to realize that something I was missing was me. Imagine having a body with no one home.

I am a stress management coach, Access Bars and Body Process facilitator. I have facilitated individuals in leading happier lives with greater ease. I offer private sessions, group workshops, Bars and Body Process workshops.

If you would like to schedule a class in your area or book a private session in person or by phone. Contact me with your request.


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