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Debra McElhaney

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Name: Debra McElhaney
Certification: Bars Facilitator
Phone: 39 333 7711354. (email to leave a message) english
Location: 23 Via Maggio
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About Debra McElhaney

Living a life I love .......let me help you love yours! What if you were happier than you could ever imagine your self to be? What would it take to live a life you love living?

What if every morning you woke up ecstatic to be living ? What creation are you waiting to experience that would expand you beyond anything you could ever imagine? Are you ready to play in happiness? Are you ready to let your life be fun?

If you feel inspired please email me for a class schedule and you can experience the Bars class. Your experience in living will never be the same......the world awaits your joy! Are you ready? The world is waiting for you to be happy.......what would it take to be the infectious energy of HAPPY?

I have a new apartment in the center of florence with room for classes. If you would like to come to Florence for a bars class I also now provide room and board for up to two people. Send me an email if you would like details. I am within a 5 minute walk to the Duomo.

If you would like to facilitate a class in Florence I also will host for you . Contact me for details.

What can we generate and create together that is far greater than we can imagine?

Please note.......I am not yet fluent in italian so please leave replies in english only. (Sorry)


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