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Kim Louise Morrison

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Name: Kim Louise Morrison
Certification: Bars Facilitator
Phone: 519.520.1006
Location: 1280 Langmuir Avenue
London, Ontario
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About Kim Louise Morrison

The changes I have created and received in my life since taking my first Bars class are phenomenal!

I was introduced to Access Consciousness in May 2009 by two amazing Access Facilitators here in London, Ontario Canada and since that time all I can say is...WOW!

After taking the Bars, Foundation, Levels 1, 2 and 3, a 7 Day Event in Costa Rica, ESBs, 3 Day Body Class and Symphony of Possibilities ...it's like the universe has opened up and showed me so much more than the trauma and drama I was living from. The feeling like there was something "wrong" with me has all but vanished. What if there was nothing wrong with any of us and there never has been? What if we are all just different? How does it get any better than that!!

Using the tools and techniques of Access Consciousness has been such an amazing gift to my life! My target is to share what I have learned and keep learning with as many people as possible who want to receive more of who they truly be and to create a different world that doesn't function from judgement.

It all began with my first Bars session and Bars Class. Does this sound like something that would add ease and joy and glory to your life?

What could you choose today that would be expansive to your life, living, body and reality...a Bars class....or maybe a Bars session with me? Ask yourself and see what feels "light".

If you do not see a class date posted that works for you, please contact me as I'm always willing to look at other possibilities.

I can't wait to meet you and see what else is possible!

Website: kimlouisemorrison.com

Testimonials from Bars class participants:

"Class was great, ... sorry I have no comments re what could be better - loved it, you did good! - in particular, [my wife], myself and [my 11 year old daughter] felt comfortable and relaxed, my experience of 27 yrs chiropractic and over 100 seminars is .... creating a safe, allowing, non threatening atmosphere is so important , and so often takes a back seat to the instructors massive ego - in contrast, you created a relaxed, accepting atmosphere for all of us, and still delivered the goods re great teaching. [My 11 year old daughter] absolutely loved it, and eagerly gives bars sessions to any head she can get her hands on."
Dr. Peter K., London, Ontario, Canada

"I thought the class was great. I felt very comfortable and liked the fact that you gave us time to talk. You had patience and I could tell you really cared. I was impressed with the fact that you could feel the energy and when it needed to be cleared. You are definitely a contribution to this world. "
Robert M., LaSalle, Ontario, Canada

"I loved the class you facilitated, it was a very warm and comfortable energy! There is not a thing that you should change Kim, not a thing.
The Bars were incredibly easy to learn, thanks to the clearing statements lol and the fact that I did not "have" to understand it for it to work."
Christine T., Aylmer, Ontario, Canada

"The universe is answering so many questions for me right now and it seems to be happening a lot quicker since I did the bars class with you. You are an awesome teacher, showing lots of patience and love. I could have used that in high school and public school. lol
But I am open to receive that and so much more now since your class. I desire to thank you from the bottom of my heart which I feel unfolding and expanding in all different directions now. It is like the flood gates have been gently opened up."
Earleen D., St. Thomas, Ontaro, Canada


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