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Laury Coppinger

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Name: Laury Coppinger
Certification: Bars Facilitator
Phone: 720 406-9021
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About Laury Coppinger

Hello Beautiful Beings,
May I wish you a most AMAZING and DELICIOUS 2017... How much
amazement and deliciousness would you (and I) be will to receive??

Would you like to BE(come) more of your SELF in 2017?? What if this
year is fertile ground for letting go of who you're not?? And, as you may
already be aware ACCESS BARS is a really nurturing, easy way to
do just that. ( Now backed by Neuro Science)
I chose not to renew my License to teach Bars this year (after teaching for
4 1/2 years) because I'm currently having so much fun sharing personal
sessions. I've been partnering with individuals for over 30 years to improve
their Health and Wellbeing.
I would be Delighted to have the opportunity to support, nurture, and help catalyze
the change you've been longing for!

Would you be interested in investing in you as we step into 2017?
In Aligning with the energy of 2017, I am offering Access Bars,
Body Processes and Energetic Facelift Sessions for an
investment of $111.00 for the remainder of January and February. (includes
Valentines Day) The normal investment is a sliding scale of $135 to $160
for the 1 1/2 hour session. This offer is also for gift certificates!


A little about the contribution Access Bars has been for me

During my recovery from a Mild Traumatic Brain Injury,
I received three parking tickets in about a week, and
one of those was for parking in a handicapped spot.
My awareness was that the universe was saying, "time
to get moving, this handicap has you parked!"
I made a decision to completely recover...no matter
who said that wasn't possible.
I pretty quickly followed up on a tip about
Access Consciousness from a Colleague of mine, also
an Ontological Life Coach. As Life Coaches, we know
how challenging and how much effort it can require to create lasting
I drove 3 1/2 hours to the first class Bars class I could
find. I began noticing new behaviors and being more present
immediately after the class... without trying or efforting!
How does it get better than that?

I went from not even being able to support myself
financially to getting my own apartment in a matter
of a few months...I love this stuff... which makes it such a
pleasure to share!
What contribution can I be to you?

Laury Coppinger
720 406-9021


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