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Curry Glassell

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Name: Curry Glassell
Certification: Certified Facilitator
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Access Consciousness® is the weirdest modality I personally have ever practiced and it is also the MOST effective and transformational work as well. Nothing else has shifted my life more. Before Access Consciousness® energy work I had sampled almost every kind of modality and religion in the hope of finding a way to feel lighter and have greater ease with my body and all the emotional STRUGGLES in my life - none of them gave to me what I was looking for. Then I attended an Access class - had my bars run and began to use the tools that were taught in the Foundation and Level One classes.

Within the first 6 months of taking the classes the nightly insomnia that was ever present totally disappeared - GONE and I began to sleep like a baby for the first time in my life - I have not taken a Tylenol PM since 1996 and my Body has transformed from a size 12/14 to a size 8/10. I have not gone on any specific diet. I use the Access tools, pay closer attention to what my body would like to eat - and I listen when it says "STOP Eating."

Another area of my life that has totally transformed is the way I parent my two children - young men now. Both boys have attended Access Classes and both are doing better and better in school every year. They are well rounded and confident. The Access toolbox gave me tools to empower them. Empowerment parenting is what I call my current style of parenting.

I was born the daughter of a Multi-Billionaire, yet I was never educated about money or how it worked. I travelled in his private fleet of jets as a small child and at times was lavishly doted upon usually when he visited me at my Mothers, brought tons of presents and then left...When he took me at four years old alone for a day or weekend trip most of the time he berated, shamed and abused me both verbally and physically. Then, one summer my Dad re-married...and that was the beginning of the end for me. I was taken from my Mothers house one summer and told I now had a New Mother and that was that... This "New" mother and her Daughters came to live in my home in Houston and they came to rule. From the summer I was 6 years old, I was treated as someone who did not deserve to live in the house she was being raised. It was very strange and very disempowering. Every day I would hear - both verbally and non-verbally - “You’re stupid and can’t take care of yourself.” You are not really a part of this family you are the step-daughter. My Step Mother would be "nice" to me in front of my father and in public, yet cruel and back stabbing at all other times. My Father acted like this was not happening and he also treated me as if I were an appendage --a Pain in his side---something, like a piece of property he had to maintain, someone whom he had to deal with, i.e. he had to pay for my education and my clothing. I was reminded, daily that He, was always doing/paying for me and he constantly asked me, "What was I doing for him?" Consequently, I was taken advantage of by a parade of bankers, trust officers, lawyers, accountants and family members. They withheld access to my inheritance and assets, and grossly mismanaged my trust funds.

That kind of financial abuse and a life time of disempowerment led me to question the real value of life and what true prosperity means.

I made the demand to have more awareness around wealth and money. Thank fully one old saying came true for me, "When the Student is ready the Teacher will come." I was demanding my life circumstances change and I was demanding more empowerment and education and inspiration and I within 6 months of my demand I was introduced to Dr. Dain Heer and Gary Douglas while they were teaching a seminar in Houston, Texas. That was September 10th 2001, a day I will NEVER forget.

By using the Access tools and working directly with Founder Gary Douglas, I have changed all of my points of view about money, wealth and abundance. I have co-created RIGHT RICHES FOR YOU to share these tools with everyone. As anyone who has made lots of money will tell you, it’s not how you start, it’s how you finish that counts. It’s never too late to have a complete financial makeover.

What if everything you’ve learned about money is a lie?

What if you could create a life that surpassed your dreams?

What if there were infinite possibilities?

What if ALL of life (that includes money) could come to YOU with ease and joy, and glory?

What will it take for you to know that you ARE the most valuable product on the planet?



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ACCESS CONSCIOUSNESS BODY CLASSES (Created by Gary Douglas & Dr Dain Heer) 17/Apr/2015 Houston, Texas, USA Juna Guetter  & 
Curry Glassell
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