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Lisa Loos

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Name: Lisa Loos
Certification: Practitioner
Phone: 619.517.8928
Location: Mission Valley area
San Diego
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About Lisa Loos

Good Day…and thank you for your curiosity. For many years of my life, I was looking for the answers. Then I came upon Access Consciousness®. In the midst of searching for the answers, someone suggested to simply ask a question. This made so much sense to me that I decided to help spread this concept. What would it take for you to realize your capacity for awareness in the world?

I’d like to share a bit about my work that eventually guided me into Access Consciousness®. I am a massage therapist and have been collaborating through the body mind experience with my clients for over 9 years. During this time, I have adventured through most sessions with amazing outcomes. Energy has always played an intricate role in my line of work, allowing for subtle change and realignment of one’s truest self. Access Bars® is a tool that can realign you energetically. For me, the Bars® calm my endless brain chatter, allowing my infinite being to shine brighter each day.

How many possibilities await you? What would it take for you to become more of you?

How much better could life be without judgment and limitation?

**** I am an Access Consciousness® Bars Practitioner & Access Consciousness® Face Lift Practitioner. Join me in a unique session designed specifically for you! How amazing will you feel after such a unique challenge of change?

What if life is filled with more bliss than you could ever imagine?


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Consciousness includes everything & judges nothing
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