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Annie Chin Taylor

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Name: Annie Chin Taylor
Certification: Bars Facilitator
Phone: 505-554-0191
New Mexico
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About Annie Chin Taylor

Chances are that you are visiting this website because you would like some kind of change in your life and are seeking something different. Well, welcome to Access Consciousness! Woo-hoo!!! Different is what you’ve found!

Empowering you to know and to choose what is right for you, and being in the question to create change in your life by opening up to different possibilities is what Access is all about. Access has given me tools and processes that are giving me the means to choose freedom each and every day. Truly, how does it get any better than that?

What the Access Consciousness tools have allowed me to be is more of me and live less from the effect of others, and I love it! Would you like some more freedom, fun and joy in your life?

If so, keep reading, AND you can receive occasional emails from me about these tools. Just jump on my email list here.

I ask questions everyday, such as:

What can I be and do different today that would generate and create more _____ now and in the future?

I fill in the blank with various things, such as “money”, “joy”, “fun”, “connection with Greg, Niky and Ryan [my husband and kids]”, “connection with other seekers of consciousness”, “clients”, “multiple streams of revenue”.... you get the idea?

And then what is fun is to not look for or try to figure out the answers. Just be... be aware, and an idea or pull to action comes.

One day I asked the above generative question and filled in the blank with “clients”. Guess what awareness I had as to what action I could choose to take to generate more clients? The awareness was: Clean out the four boxes in the master bedroom closet. Wow! That IS different! Who would have thought cleaning out four boxes in a closet would generate more clients? Would you? Is that a marketing strategy you’ve learned?! Well, that’s what is so fun about living in the question! After I made it through three of the four boxes, my business tripled within a month. What else is possible? Woo-hoo!

And do I stop there? No, cause there is so much more I would like to change in my life. One humongous thing for me is to move out of living other people’s expectations of me and into living MY life. Can you relate to that?

Well, Access Bars and other Access tools has helped me with eliminating points of view that have locked in limitation like no other personal transformation process or system has that I have tried.

Would you like to get occasional emails from me about these tools? Sign up for my email list here.

You know, your points of view create your reality. What if changing the points of view that are creating an unwanted situation could totally and completely change how things showed up? The thing is that you might not even be aware of the points of view that are limiting you. You don't necessarily need to cognitively know them, but shifting the energy of those points of view can generate the change.

I have changed physical issues (e.g. back pain, red eyes that I had for 3.5 years, a urinary tract infection) in minutes. How I function in relationships, like with my mother-in-law, has changed and now I’m no longer on edge and am now happier when we are together; which is more often since she moved to Albuquerque and lives 3 miles from me.

How much fun in life would you like to have? What would it take to change our lives from ugh and ho-hum to woo-hoo and thank-you-so-much-I’ll-have-more-of-that?

What points of view are you willing to give up? And what if giving them up didn’t have to be hard? And what are you willing to receive now, for you?

If you are seeking change in your life, and I can be a contribution to you and your life, it would be an honor. What grand and glorious adventure would you like your life to be?

I send to my friends tips, tools, insights and notify them of programs that I offer that can transform situations with ease. How does it get any better than that? Join my email list here so you get that information too.

I offer life changing sessions that include shifting energy using Access Bars™, Access Body Processes, the Symphony of Possibilities technique and my Zap the Crap verbal facilitation!

The classes I offer include Access Bars™, Access Body Processes, and Courses that introduce tools as they apply to different topics, such as money, relationships (with partner, with children, etc.), career, self-judgment, grief, family life and more.

If you would like to have a session or attend a class, click on the Contact link above or the Classes link. If you would like a class, but I do not have one listed on a day that is convenient for you, or you would like me to come to your city, please contact me and let’s see what we can CREATE!

Again, feel free to join my email list, which you can unsubscribe from at anytime.”.

Happy Possibilities!

Here’s is what some people have said after sessions or classes with me:

Since Annie’s bars class, I’ve experienced a lot of positive changes. They just keep showing up. Something huge happened this morning. I stood up for myself to someone I normally wouldn’t. I’ve been a doormat all my life. I lived in fear around others getting upset. I learned to not rock the boat. But this person and I got into an argument this morning and I stood up for myself! I felt powerful! I felt no matter what happens I’m okay. I’m still in awe. Usually I have a knot in my stomach after an argument with this person and I don’t! I usually beat myself up and make myself wrong. None of that this time! I realized I don’t want to feel that way anymore. ~ DG, Edgewood, NM

I am a different person since Annie helped me in the Access Bars sessions. I don’t know how it worked so well. I was really suicidal when I first came for my first session. And now I’m happy! I’m different now. I walked away from a self-defeating pattern...that I had to make things right. The [three] bars sessions helped me move through a place of crisis and fear to a place of peace. I am so grateful. ~ CS, Albuquerque, NM

I am so glad I learned Access Bars. I loved my class and found Annie to be an excellent teacher and facilitator. My class was interesting and fun and it flowed. Discussions were lively and interesting.. Annie was upbeat, kind, and inclusive. Her teaching style created an environment that supported cooperation, goodwill and ease in learning, and fun and allowance. Experiencing the Bars has been life changing for me in that I am still experiencing a subtle, ever increasing shift in my awareness that facilitates more joy, ease and appreciation of life—I tend to be happier more often. And last but not least, I enjoy doing Bars sessions and seeing what happens to them and in their lives as result. ~ NM, Las Cruces, NM

I have have worked with Annie about three times now. I have had some very resistant and heavy issues with trying to heal from Lyme 's disease that I could not resolve after numerous attempts in the last three years. She was able to give me immediate relief with a great feeling of ease on her and my part. I am amazed at how gently and quickly she has been able to help me shift what previously felt immovable. She has a great way of getting under the roots of stubborn problems that undermine progress and heaving them to the side. She empowers me with tools to continue to progress on my own as well. After twenty years working as a healing arts practitioner and therapist I am dumbfounded by the quick and utter transformation she provides. Truly miraculous!
~ EAW, Albuquerque

My husband has seemed a lot less stressed and a lot more happy these past few days since his bars session.  He said that he was walking into work yesterday with a smile on his face.  He smiled and said that he can’t remember the last time he had done that.  Thanks for helping to keep my family happy and healthy! ~ CK, Albuquerque, NM

My husband and I are noticing that we communicate better [since bars class].  We both listen and seem to hear better again without a charge.  Annie and I worked at my losing a charge toward a particular person.  That has totally happened.  It is as if that person were just a casual acquaintance and therefore there is no baggage. ~ JB, Las Cruces, NM

Annie was able to facilitate for me huge changes in my points of view about relationships and emotions. I noticed a sense of space and ease around certain issues that were upsetting me after the first [bars] session. By the third session, everything had changed and I have not reencountered these long standing patterns since. She is super fun and really nice. Just great to spend time with. Both Access and Annie have been a huge contribution to my life. With special regard to dissolving feelings and behaviors that were just absolutely stifling. Thanks so much. ~ ANB, Washington

I SO appreciate your incredible 'clearing' that happened during our phone call.  Such an incredible experience! You gave me a huge healing gift!! ~ LW, Las Cruces, NM

I’m looser [since bars session].  I’m more “me” and feeling able to move forward, less restrictive in what I want to do.  Asking the rest of the family to help more.  Today, when my daughter observed that an old elementary school mate had a “snobbish” face I didn’t start lecturing her – which she commented on! ~ CC, Fort Collins, CO


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