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David and Gail Miller

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Name: David and Gail Miller
Certification: Bars Facilitator
Phone: 586-264-5457
Sterling Heights
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About David and Gail Miller

We began our journey on Access with Rikka Zimmerman, finding her on a conference call. The poc, pod statement and her enthusiasm hooked me right away. And I shared the tape with David. From there we got into a Bars class locally and then we went to A Foundation and Level l class last year. Then in 2012 we went to a Level 2&3, off the charts....and another Body Class. We are excited about the great results we experienced with the body processes since taking the class with Jason and Dr. Kaci and are starting to collect testimonials as we share and teach them within the community. Thanks To Gary, Dain and Rikka- we feel better and better all the time..What else is possible?!!

We look forward to more Access classes-each one never ceases to amaze me at what we learn and how different we feel and show up in the world!

Gail's Bio:
I have been in the healing arts for over 12 years and had become disheartened with the modalities I am trained in because they were falling way short in providing effective results. Now with the Bars, and the Body Processes to provide , as well as the many tools of consciousness , woo, hoo. I feel excited and empowered to bring this out to the public, knowing I am bringing the best and am happily experiencing and seeing those results I've been longing for!
All of life flows with joy and ease and glory!!

Dave's Bio:
I always sensed that I was different. Back in 1973, I began a new leg on the journey to awakening to more consciousness and awareness. I attended a series of classes on something called Silva Mind Control. It really helped me to realize that I was much more than this lump of flesh people called Dave. They taught us about refining our psychic abilities and that we were co-creators in this reality. I spent a couple of years in Colorado in the mid-seventies exploring more about this and learning about what I could do to make a difference. In 1976 I moved back to the Metro-Detroit area to begin my career in computer science where I applied all of my knowing to furthering my career. I really retreated into secular reality as there was no-one around that I knew that understood this other reality and really I had no freaking idea what to do with it.

In the 1990’s my sister was trying to get me to read a book called, “The Celestine Prophecy”. I resisted at first, but then I caved in and read the book. This re-awakened in me a thirst for more knowledge and growth. Soon after, I found a community of people that were talking about this stuff that I had put on the back burner for a couple of decades. I found home. Well from there “A Course in Miracles”, an foray into Energy Medicine, Law of Attraction ala Abraham-Hicks, an attunement in Reiki I/II and training with Dr Eric Pearl in Reconnective Healing™ and The Reconnection™ took me further in this direction.

In the summer of 2011, my wife Gail downloaded a bunch of these recordings by a woman named Rikka Zimmerman about something called “Access Consciousness™”. We both started listening to this wild and wacky woman with her un-decipherable clearing statements. As weird as it seemed, this stuff really worked. We ordered the Bars DVD and started to learn The Bars. As I started to ask questions, it led me to a Bars Facilitator locally, yes I live in Sterling Heights and I consider Ann Arbor local. I went to her for a Bars session and found you can combine Bars and Clearing Statements to make it even more powerful. I asked Dawn if she made house-calls. She came out and ran Bars and Clearing statements on both of us. We signed up for her Bars class and found out that Rikka was doing a Foundation and Level I in nearby Pittsburgh, yes, I also consider Pittsburgh nearby. I decided that I was having more of that and Gail and I made our plans from there.

This stuff really blew our perception of possibilities wide open. So now Gail and I are in the process of building more community and possibility around this Access Consciousness™ stuff. We are doing Access information booths, networking and training other people in The Bars and Body Processes.

We have Bars classes and Individual Body Processes posted on our schedule and our website.

Or: Visit us at our studio in Sterling Heights. Give us a ring 586-264-5457 or
visit the website at www.crystalgail.com.


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Access Bars® 18/May/2014 Sterling Heights, Michigan, USA David and Gail Miller
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