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David and Gail Miller

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Name: David and Gail Miller
Certification: Bars Facilitator
Phone: 586-264-5457
Sterling Heights
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About David and Gail Miller

What have you made so vital about fitting into this reality that keeps you from having your reality?

How many times have you stopped or limited you because you decided what you wanted was beyond this reality? And that you would be judged for it?

Gail and I are Access Consciousness Bars® and Body Process Facilitators and are here to help you move beyond this reality and receive more of what you desire in this life.

Access Consciousness Bars® is a process that activates 32 points on the head, which we refer to as Bars, that clears out the charge around and releases points of view, judgments, conclusions and judgments that lock up and limit you from having more of what you want in life.

The Bars is a process that is similar to defragging the hard drive on your computer.

Have you noticed that there is a lot going on in your head that keeps you out of clarity? Or a lot of conflicting points of view that keeps you looping?

Having your Bars run clears a lot of this garbage out, opens you up to more receiving and provides more clarity in your life.

How does it get any better than that?!

As Body Process Facilitators, we also have Access to over 50 different Body Processes
that work on everything from Colds/Flu, Dimentia, Alzheimers, ADD, ADHD, Autism to Eye Sight, Hearing and PTSD.

So, if you want more information or want to schedule an appointment give us a call at 586-264-5457 for Gail or 586-264-5632 for Dave.

We also teach Access Bars® once a month. Please check our schedule at www.AccessDave.com

Please also visit Get Your Bars Run and CrystalGail.com


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Consciousness includes everything & judges nothing
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