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Jennifer Randive CFMW

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Name: Jennifer Randive CFMW
Certification: Certified Facilitator
Phone: +971506546238, whatsapp +971529868639
Location: Bank Street Bldg. 3rd Floor, Suite 313
Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Al Ain, Bahrain, Oman
United Arab Emirates
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About Jennifer Randive CFMW

Hi My name is Jennifer, I would like you to get to know me a bit better.

In the UAE for 25 years now. I ran an Executive Search Firm and had been doing so since 1999. I discovered that although I was this corporate executive with processes, structure, business models, budgets etc, I noticed that I was in the Mind most of the time felt something was missing. I decided to discover what that missing link was. There was something more about me that defined me as just the CEO in Reality.

As are result of my longing to find out what and who I was, I experienced insights on meditation, many teachers showed up to guide me along the way, I got certified as a LifeSuccess Coach, did the Landmark Forum. Reiki Master, Theta Healer a Practitioner and Teacher and an Energy Master Mentor. Everything I learnt and teach I acknowledge and honor as it took me to a different level of understanding myself and people. I chose to be the CEO of my own life and living.

I then got to experience Access Consciousness. Did it rock my world? I fell in love with it WHY? It showed me how to get out of my own way.. My Bars experience cleared me up to really see the true essence of who I be, and who I can choose to be, opening up the amazing possibilities to be the generative energy to create and institute what I choose to experience. It made me The CEO of My Own Life and Living. I went into choosing to be a Certified Access Facilitator. A CFMW. Wow now everything is a possibility. I now constantly am Being More Doing More and Having More and Clearing things Up in my universe as I move forward. I keep receiving awesome insights and it's all about Change is Constant, Changing is a Choice.

Would you like to come and play! it is all about you allowing you to BE as opposed to Do which is where we constantly are trying to fix to fit in. I tried and tried and went round and came back to the same spot for the longest time ever and it really frustrated me. Access got me dynamically out of the fix me and fix everything syndrome, and got me to the space of allowance choice possibility

This is my story with Access. I was kidding with my sister and said I choose to receive USD.50K in my bank account by the end of the month. She of course thought I was insane and said. Jenny are you out of your mind? Well of course I was out of my Mind. That is why I actualized the 50K and before the end of the month in 14 Days I had it in my bank. How did I get so lucky? Would you like to experience amazing gifts the Universe has to offer? Will you allow you to be more of YOU? Of course you would

Now just ask yourself.
• Would you choose to experience the Awesome Gift That You Are to the Planet?
• What would it take for you to Create who you choose to Be?
• Would you Choose Awareness to be your internal compass?
• Would you choose Clarity and Being Present over anything else?

Access Consciousness is all about Empowering People to Know That They Know.

Access Bars Gets Rid of Clutter that has imprisoned us from truly experiencing us as we Truly BE.
The Foundation Allows you to navigate through the amazing potency you BE to generate and create your phenomenal life and living, while clearing all the stuff that doesn't work for you.

Allow yourself to start with your journey to recognize Who You Truly Be, To Actualize You as the True Fun Filled Being that You Are.

Warning! You Have to Choose To Have Fun, You Got to be willing to Allow Yourself to Receive.

Create the Change you Choose to Experience,
• Book Me to Speak About Access Bars in your Work Place, Your Friends Circle, Your School, Your College, At Your Community Gatherings
• Book a Session to experience the Bars one on one – On Saturdays and Tuesdays
• Register for a Class to become a Facilitator – See Classes

Access Consciousness Mantra: All Of Life Comes To Me With Ease Joy and Glory

You are A Gift to the Planet, Would you now choose to experience it, What Else is Possible for you? How Does it get any better than this?

Call Connect Create Contribute and Celebrate YOU!
whatsapp +971529868639


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