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Brigid Neylan

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Name: Brigid Neylan
Certification: Certified Facilitator
Phone: 0408 399 804
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About Brigid Neylan

I’ve recently come into contact with Access Consciousness and it has just blown my mind!!

Learning to know yourself, to release judgments of yourself and others is a wonderfully freeing way to be. I have found Access to be a very powerful and direct way of clearing issues. Truly knowing that I am the creator of my life and all that happens in my life – good and bad – is awesome.

This immediately takes you out of victimhood, at the mercy of, no choice, I have to... I have always ‘known’ this but after experiencing Access Bars energy and verbal processing, I have started to 'really' know this....and know how much this has affected my life.

I have done healing energy work for many years and love working in this way with people. Growing up, I was always the shoulder to cry on. Bringing people into awareness – consciousness – has always been my passion. How can you change what you can’t perceive or know! Like the spoken word, once it is ‘out’ there it can never be taken back or undone. It is the same with awareness and consciousness, there is no going back – this is when real change can happen, the choice really is yours.

How does it get any better than that?

All of Life comes to me with ease, joy and glory...


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Consciousness includes everything & judges nothing
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