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Lee Flanagan

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Name: Lee Flanagan
Certification: Bars Facilitator
Phone: 0424 189 185
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About Lee Flanagan

The changes that have occurred for me since learning to use the Access Consciousness tools have been amazing. I have a heightened awareness of my own instinct or “gut feeling”. I trust me now instead of looking to others for answers. I have become aware of the threads of possibilities for the future yet don’t make them significant or try to lock them in as a future reality. We can change anything if we choose. I have also let go of a truck load of judgment both on myself and others. There is a sense of calmness, joy and inner peace every day now and I am so grateful for Gary Douglas for bringing these tools to light.

There are many Access Consciousness classes you can attend and every one is different. You can do things at your own pace and do as little or as much as you want. It’s your journey and only you know what’s best for you. As I became more confident and accepted my abilities and attended more classes, each one helped me to let go of my limitations and opened me up to more awareness, more of the authentic me! I was also becoming uncomfortably aware of my personal issues that needed attention and changes that I had to make. The Jack had come out of the box and was never going to go back in!!

Last year I became a Certified Facilitator. Since then I am happier and more present. I can receive judgment from others now and not have a point of view about it. I no longer invite abuse at my door.

The most joy I have had was sharing the Access Tools and processes and with my clients and watching them change. Whether it is letting go of emotional blocks or long standing ailments or no longer requiring surgery. You never know what they will uncover and let ago of.

I love empowering people to know they have choices and can create whatever they would like to. It really is just a choice and Access Consciousness tools work if you use them.

What have you concluded, must be your life?
What stories have you been telling yourself for years,
that if you let go of, would give you more of YOU?

Would you be willing to choose again, and then when you were done with that,
Choose again......and again.....FOR YOU!

Are you willing to lead by example, regardless of what others are doing?
Does your journey have to be hard and painful? What if you chose a different possibility?

Are you willing to awaken what you have always known is possible?
If you are willing to open the door to a new reality for YOU, I am willing to assist you,
With EASE.....Ahhhhh.....Would that be a refreshing change?

If you couldn't deny you anymore, who would you be?
What possibilities and amazing adventures could you create and generate
Into a new reality for YOU?

This is what my story is about. Everyday.
This is what Gary Douglas and Access Consciousness has invited me to explore.



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