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Kevin Baluha

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Name: Kevin Baluha
Certification: Bars Facilitator
Phone: (530) 918-8522
Location: 15584 Indiana Gulch
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About Kevin Baluha

When Kevin was 5 his first response to everyone's comments was "Why?". What he did not consciously know is that That question may have set things in motion that led to his current life. "Why?"

When Kevin was only 10, he had an amazing relationship with machines, numbers and had an extremely quick wit. He could look at a device from a simple pencil to as complex as an automobile and intuitively see inside as to how it works. To discover this he would ask "If I made that how would I do it?" When he described this process to others and they'd be left puzzled. They had no idea how he could 'see' how a washing machine was built without ever having taken it apart.

His curiousity did not stop at the visualizing it, hungry for understanding he systematically took things apart to see if his vision was correct. It often was.

At age 14 he developed a strong interest in computers and insisted that the education system give him access, which resulted in his being granted access after petitioning the county board of education. He finished the entire math book (and assignments) in 3 weeks and used the time in the computer lab. His hunger led to late nights at the school and having the janitors let him in in the mornings and out at night. Soon he spent more time at the computer each day than he did in school.

This intense basis of understanding led to excellent study, and education, which resulted in an amazing career of Software engineering that spanned the US, Anguilla, Bermuda, and Australia.

In 2004 Kevin closed his eyes to go to sleep one night and there was a glaring light shining in his eyes. When he opened them, it was gone. This went on for 21 days, in which he got NO SLEEP. On the evening of the 21st day - the light was gone and he slept like he never had. The following morning he woke AWAKE. Upon opening his eyes, he laid in bed and thought "holy ... I am totality, an infinite being with no limits".

He wanted to know more, so he asked questions, almost incessantly and thus begun a deluge of information, teachers, books, modalities for healing, practices for awakening, and deeper and deeper awareness. He also discovered that just by changing himself he could affect everyone around him! With his new awareness, he became interested in visiting Australia and within 3 months was offered a job in Melbourne Australia.

There he learned Healing (or wellness tools) and moreover learned that his true passion is to teach. He began learning to teach and teaching Reiki, Theta Healing, Kundalini Yoga, and NOW Access Bars. It's like an evolutionary staircase which he was ascending. Kevin is still passionate about each of the technologies he learns and there is a useful place for all of them.

Kevin's dream is to witness the entire world living in conscious joy. Kevin is contributing to this by doing his best to be there himself, and to spread that to all who he knows.


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