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Lisa Goodenough

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Name: Lisa Goodenough
Certification: Bars Facilitator
Phone: 0414366841
Location: 3 Christmas St
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About Lisa Goodenough

My name is Lisa. In 2011 I found Access Consciousness on the internet through webinars. Since then it has become a large part of my life and I have gone on to become a Bars Facilitator and done the Access Body Classes. Access processes can have a dynamic effect on you as a being and on your wonderful body.

At the time I found Access I was travelling Australia in our caravan and doing house sitting. I had been searching for things I could do that might help me with disease, depression and addictions. I had tried different modalities with varying effects, but none as simple and effective as this.

The first time I had my Bars run was as a participant in a Bars Class. I came home from that class and ran my daughters Bars and they both commented on how good they felt. Two of my daughters have since gone on to do the Bars class and another wants her Bars run every time she sees me. My 5 year old grandson loves his Bars run and runs his mum’s Bars whenever he can.

For me personally since I found access I have peace with my body for the first time in my life. As a Carer since having my Bars run I don’t tend to go into overwhelm and take on my husband's depression. The addictive behaviour of over eating has changed and most of the time I listen to what my body wants. By choosing to do this the disease and pain levels in my body are disappearing. A nice side benefit for me is that people are commenting I am looking younger and happier. How does it get better than that?

Since meeting my husband I have been introduced to the world of ex-defence living. It is not easy to be the family of currently serving or ex-defence personal. It presents a whole new way of living for many people which is why we were travelling in a caravan and house sitting. My husband suffers from what I call ‘posting-itis’ as part of a major depressive disorder and an adjustment disorder. He can’t stay in one place for too long before he is looking to move again.

Most service personnel have become indoctrinated into ‘living to serve’ and following rules and regulations 24/7 as well as ‘being posted’. Many have trouble adjusting to civilian life especially if they have been discharged medically unfit for further service. Some of the people I have met suffer from PTSD and depression, anxiety, anger, bitterness, substance abuse and insomnia. By running their Bars it can help them find some ease in their minds and help them to sleep.

I have had testimonies from people that Bars & Body Processes have helped them in many ways from assisting with sleeping after the loss of a loved one to alleviating pain in spinal fractures, and amazingly fast recovery from surgery (so much so that the medical staff were expecting the wound to be still open upon review, but it was fully closed).

I offer Bars sessions, Access Body sessions and Access Bars Classes. I will travel throughout SE Queensland, NSW or Vic as required.

If you want to know more about the Access Bars you might like to have a look at this video.


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