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Mary Evans

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Name: Mary Evans
Certification: Practitioner
Phone: 706.506.9980
Location: 284 David Road S.E.
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About Mary Evans

I have been in the field of Human Services for over twelve years, specializing in working with first time mothers teaching parenting skills. I am a Bars Practitioner, Bars Facilitator, Access Consciousness Body Process Practitioner, Reiki Practitioner, Universal White Time Practitioner, Life Coach, and Firewalk Facilitator.

I have spent over twenty years trying to "fix" myself through psychotherapy, 12-Step programs, reading all of the self-help books I could put my hands on, attending workshops, and "you name it"! While all of these modalities helped me tremendously, and probably saved my life, I still believed there was something wrong with me and I would never be fixed!

Since attending Bars, Foundation, and Level 1 Access Consciousness classes, and then becoming a Bars Facilitator I have begun to feel tremendous shifts, changes, and expansiveness that I could not have imagined. As those shifts began to occur I decided I couldn't get enough Access - so I was able to attend Level 2 and 3 and the 3 day Body Process Classes! I have realized that there is nothing wrong with me and nothing to be fixed. So - How Does It Get Any Better Than That!

Visit my website at www.touchoflove.me and let's decide what contribution to your life you would like to explore! What Else is Possible?


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