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Anne Wischmeier BF, BPF, CFMW

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Name: Anne Wischmeier BF, BPF, CFMW
Certification: Bars Facilitator
Phone: 812-256-2185
Certified for CEU'S
Email Email Anne Wischmeier BF, BPF, CFMW

About Anne Wischmeier BF, BPF, CFMW

I've been using the tools and techniques of Access Consciousness since July 2011. I'm a Bar's facilitator and a Body Process facilitator CFMW. I have attended Foundations and Level 1 and several Level 2/3 with Gary Douglas. A 3 day Body Class and many other tele classes as well.

Life has been changing ever since the first day I heard of Access Consciousness and has been getting better and better! I wonder what else is possible?

I offer:
Bars Sessions
Bars Classes
8 CEU credits available for Massage Therapist for taking the Bars class
Body Sessions
Abuse hold (Must purchase and Listen to the CD a min of 30 times)

I have availability 7 days a week

Groups or private classes are always available.

If you'd like to host a class in your location, Please call for details.

Inquire today to book a class or private session for yourself!

Credit cards accepted and paypal


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Access Bars® 22/Apr/2017 Charlestown, Indiana, USA Anne Wischmeier BF, BPF, CFMW
Consciousness includes everything & judges nothing
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