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Laura Thornberry

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Name: Laura Thornberry
Certification: Bars Facilitator
Phone: 813-991-0046
Location: 9305 Wellington Park Circle
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About Laura Thornberry

I have been a student and teacher all my life. Even though I hold academic degrees in Anthropology and Mathematics, I have spent years immersed in spiritual discovery, hands-on healing and shamanic practices both learning and teaching. I have trained people in meditation techniques (my book Meditation for the Western World: De-Mystifyihg Meditation can be found at www.anyonecanmeditate.com) as well as Reiki, Karuna Reiki, Melchizedek Method, Crystals, Sound, Color and finding one's own unique manner of healing.

My practical, "real world" experiences include teaching Math, Science and Social Studies in Junior and Senior High School, selling computers, working in radio and TV accounting and traffic, and owning and managing restaurants.

My spiritual work has included teaching, mentoring, and facilitating others in spiritual growth; performing energetic anchoring world-wide; facilitating travel to spiritual locations; performing hands-on healing; spiritual counselling; and assisting others to gently move from this life to the next.

Welcome to Access Consciousness! I am excited about introducing people to the Bars because it is the first modality I have come across that allows someone with absolutely no background in healing to feel confident in being able to effectively work on themselves and others in only 8 hours. The Bars are easy to learn and they respond readily to your intent to activate them.

I have been a healer for decades and trained many healers to realize their own modalities of healing. When I saw the instantaneous difference Bars was making in people’s lives, I knew it was a powerful modality.

We step into the infiniteness of our being when we are willing to uncreate and destroy all the old patterns, habits and concepts we have held that have kept us trapped in a reality that no longer serves us. Are you ready to catapult yourself into uncovering the fullness of who you are as an infinite being? Suspend all your beliefs as you partake of the magical journey of self-discovery.

I am willing to travel to areas that have not had Bars offered. If you would like to host me in your area and help organize a class, please contact me.

Si alguien quiere aprender Las Barras en español, puedo enseñar en español.


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