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Eva Dalhoff

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Name: Eva Dalhoff
Certification: Certified Facilitator
Phone: 0045 28433797
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About Eva Dalhoff

My name is Eva Dalhoff and I am so happy to have you here on my Access Facilitator Page.

I became an Access Facilitator in Costa Rica in 2012 and so much more possibilities has shown up in my life since and I know that this is just the beginning

Magic in Action
Imagine getting out of your imitations, even limitations you did not know that you had. And then be willing to see what shows up.
What if you showed up as the magician of your own life? If you were the one that could create everything you want i your life? What would that be like?
Creating a life full of possibilities beyond your wildest dreams is magic in action.
Would you like to have that in your life?
I know that I will, and that I would like to share the journey of magic with you.

As an Access Facilitator I do Access Bars classes, Foundation and Level1
I also do Breakthrough classes; Being seen and Being heard. This are 3-4 hours Right Voice for you classes for Teens (and those who loves Teens)

In The Access classes I will gift you lots of tools and processes that you can choose from in creating your own magical world.

My story with Access Consciousness
Have you ever been judging your self? Made your self wrong for everything that happened around you? I have!
I am an Anthropologist and Life Coach and I have worked with changes my whole life.
Two years ago I met Access Consciousness and began to apply the tools and processes from Access to my life and work and NOW,finally, my life is turning upside down. Everything is changing.
This is what I have always been asking for!
Before I was a Queen of Judging, constantly judging me. Specially me as a mom.
First I would criticize all the other mothers for their way of parenting, then I would do something different than them and THEN, I would judge me for not being right.
Was it hard for me to be a mother? Oh Yes.
Getting out of judgment of me is the biggest gift I have ever given to myself. Starting to use the tool of choice is opening up my awareness. I know who I be and what I am able to create. I know that I can never be wrong I can only choose and choose again.
This has created changes in my relationship with my own two wonderful daughters, people around me, and in my work as a Teen facilitator.
Adding the knowledge about choice to my work with Teens has created another space for me to be. The space of infinite possibilities. Meeting each of them from that space locks the Teens out of whatever they have created as their limitations.
The beauty of the changes that this young people are creating from here is a contribution to them, to me and to the world

What I Teach
Can you imagine what it would be like if you had been given tools to change anything you wanted when you were a child?
Imagine if you had always know that you are totally OK exactly as you are? That nothing never was wrong with you?
What if we could empower children and Teens to know that they always have a choice and that they can create anything that they want?
That is what I teach and facilitate and what I want to get out into the whole world
I facilitates Teens to become their own best friend, parent to stop worrying and teachers to enjoy teaching.
I work at Teen Camps, in schools, teen clubs, do workshops and private sessions

Where I am
I live in Denmark. My second home is Sierra Leone in west Africa. I love Australia and am totally fascinated by Costa Rica. I enjoy spending time in the mountains of Schwitzerland and the beaches of California or???
I just love to travel and would be happy to travel to wherever you are to share what I know

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Scheduled Classes

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Access Bars® Gifting & Receiving 2/Apr/2017 København S , Denmark Eva Dalhoff
A Taste of Out of the Box - with Certified Facilitator 4/Apr/2017 København , Denmark Eva Dalhoff
Access Bars® Gifting & Receiving 5/Apr/2017 Amager, Denmark Eva Dalhoff
Access Bars® 8/Apr/2017 København , Denmark Eva Dalhoff
Access Energetic Facelift™ 22/Apr/2017 København , Denmark Eva Dalhoff
Access Bars® Gifting & Receiving 23/Apr/2017 København S , Denmark Eva Dalhoff
The Foundation 24/May/2017 1353 Borovnica, Slovenia Eva Dalhoff  & 
Hanne Stigaard
Consciousness includes everything & judges nothing
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