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Merlijn Wolsink

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Name: Merlijn Wolsink
Certification: Certified Facilitator
Phone: +31 6 47510440
Worldwide, Den Haag, Scheveningen, Dordrecht
The Netherlands, Online
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If you would have a magic wand…
then what would you like to change…?

Everything is Energy.
Everything is changeable if you are willing to change it.

You are energy.
Every molecule in your body responds to you.
Are you ready to find out how powerful you and your body really are?

After nearly 4 years of Access I chose to become a Certified Access Facilitator to expand the magical possibilities with Access Consciousness.

I know I've always been someone that facilitated change for people, only I wasn't really aware it. It's been a long road to discover that wrongnesses are actually strongnesses and way more is possible of you choose to go beyond the reality and and create one that works for you. And what if, when living here and now, you could choose to use both realities?

The Access Tools will absolutely assist anyone who is willing to use them. So whats keeping you from grabbing that magic wand…?

It's an absolute honor to facilitate every brave being and body that shows up to choose more consciousness and a more conscious life.

Seeing people consciously choose and change right in front of my eyes has been an absolute joy, that I have to pinch myself sometimes to check if what just occurred really happened.

And for example, how many times a simple Facebook post has changed and expanded someones life… I won't even start to count the amount of thank you's I have received over the years. "Remember you wrote about this…? It was like you wrote that for me!"

I'm so grateful for all the changes that people have received, only because they saw how I chose to be, authentic in those 10 seconds, and they were willing to receive it.

How does it get better?

I know what Access has changed for me.
My first Access Bars and Foundation classes were like getting access to a whole new world…
A whole new universe of possibilities opening up to me. I could hardly believe I had these capacities and talents with energy, healing and 'powers' all along…

"Wow… what's possible now?"

It was one of the biggest changes in my world so far, that I have the capacity to choose to change anything, if I choose to.
It might be today, it might be yesterday it might be in a couple of years…
Choice Creates.

What would you like to choose?
Do you know?
Would you like to find out?

If I can be an invitation to you choosing more of what you are capable of and living a joyful, peaceful life on planet earth, I would love to meet you or see you in one of my classes.

Truly, these classes are incredibly dynamic and transformational. The classes allow you this weird capacity to open up... to Live.
And... the classes are fun, if we choose to have some more fun.

Shed off the dark cloaks you've worn lifetime after lifetime and create some lightness in your universe, being and body… here... now and beyond.
Now is the time.

Is now the time for you?

Merlijn Wolsink

For a another listing of classes in The Netherlands, please visit: www.handsonaccess.nl


Personal assistant: Renée Brillemans
teammerlijn@handsonaccess.nl | +31 6 41166882

Merlijn Wolsink
merlijn@handsonaccess.nl | +31 6 47510440 | Skype id: merlijnw
www.handsonaccess.nl | merlijnwolsinkblog.com


Access Consciousness® Certified Facilitator
Access Bars® Facilitator
Access Body Process Facilitator

Translation of the Dutch Access Bars® Manual and other Dutch Access materials.
Live Access translations to Dutch if required.

Access Practitioner:
Choice of Possibilities
Access Body Classes
Advanced Body Class
Talk To The Entities
Talk to the Entities
Right Voice for You
X-Men & X-Kids
Talk to the Animals


Thank you for visiting! Dank voor je bezoek!

Are you looking for more possibilities for you and your body?
Looking to change stuff?

You, Your Body, Animals, Energies, Entities, Relationships, Business, Money... ?

What else is possible?
Let's Change whatever is going on, so it can be more fun and it actually works for you.
How does it get better then that?

I like to see that every molecule has Consciousness. Everything is Changeable...
What have you decided that is not changeable?
What is decided for you that is not changeable?

Do you know that more is possible? Did you just miss the tools, the information and that little bit of guidance to actually create that change?

Would you like to change the world, by being You?

Consciousness is not some airy fairy concept...
It's the very earthy concept of being aware of everything and everyone around you, without judgment. So everything can change, shift and transform.

I tell you folks... Consciousness is Magic...
Are you ready for more of you? Magical You and Magical Living?
On this planet? In this reality?

What if a totally different reality is possible... Would you choose it?

merlijn@handsonaccess.nl | +31 6 47510440 | Skype id: merlijnw
www.handsonaccess.nl | www.merlijnwolsinkblog.com


Merlijn Wolsink's current class listing.

Scheduled Classes

Class Name




Access Bars® 2/Apr/2017 Dordrecht, Netherlands Merlijn Wolsink  & 
Renee Brillemans
The Foundation 7/Apr/2017 Zuid Limburg - Heerlen, Netherlands Merlijn Wolsink
Access Bars® 15/Apr/2017 Scheveningen - Den Haag - Den Haag, Netherlands Merlijn Wolsink  & 
Renee Brillemans
Access Bars® 7/May/2017 Dordrecht, Netherlands Merlijn Wolsink  & 
Renee Brillemans
The Foundation 25/May/2017 Heiloo, Netherlands Merlijn Wolsink
Access Bars® 4/Jun/2017 Dordrecht, Netherlands Merlijn Wolsink  & 
Renee Brillemans
Access Bars® 21/Jun/2017 Scheveningen - Den Haag, Netherlands Merlijn Wolsink
The Foundation 22/Jun/2017 Scheveningen - Den Haag, Netherlands Merlijn Wolsink
Consciousness includes everything & judges nothing
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