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Petrina Fava

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Name: Petrina Fava
Certification: Bars Facilitator
Phone: 416 268 6333
Toronto, North York, Missisauga, Etobicoke & GTA
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About Petrina Fava

Have you been asking for change? What if the magic is right in your own hands?

My brother introduced me to the tools of Access Consciousness almost 6 years ago. I had just had a miscarriage and had been trying to get pregnant again for more than nine months. He talked to me about the idea of asking questions to receive awareness rather than looking for answers. I wasn't sure I knew what he meant.

I kept asking questions about getting pregnant and waiting for an answer. I clearly remember saying to him "I'm so mad at my body for doing this, I feel so betrayed by it." To which he gently replied "Can you and your body create a life together from an energy of anger and betrayal?" Right there, I knew I had to do and be something different. We had a really good conversation about what I was projecting onto my body. I started to just ask questions and be kind to my body...and the following month, I was pregnant. He taught me my very first BARS class and I had my BARS run for the first time while I was 6 months pregnant with my son. I used some of the tools I learned during his birth, and the sense of ease I had with it all was really beautiful.
I've been playing with the tools of Access and creating my life in all kinds of unexpected ways since then. The Access tools have allowed me to create a business that I never would have imagined, I've used them to have more ease with parenting my 3 amazing kids, and I am having so much fun discovering new awarenesses with my body in the most magical and delicious way possible.

I absolutely love facilitating BARS and Body Classes! It's fun to watch others choose more for themselves and beyond that, each class contributes to me enormously! I receive so much from the people who show up at my classes and I am so grateful for each and every one of them!

What change are you asking for? What would you like to create as your life and living?
What if it's easier than you think?

Here's what I offer:

BARS Sessions
BARS Classes
Body Sessions
Body Process Classes
SOP Sessions
Abuse Hold
Right Body for You Intros
...and What Else Is Possible? Looking forward to playing with you!


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