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Matthew Couperthwaite

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Name: Matthew Couperthwaite
Certification: Practitioner
Phone: +27 72 133 666 4
Location: Merrifield Rd, Pinelands,
KwaZulu Natal
South Africa
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About Matthew Couperthwaite

Somehow you have ended up on my profile page! How does it get better than this? Have you always known something else was possible? How would you like to receive more in your phenomenal life? Have you imagined a world without judgment, without pain, without fear and suffering? What would it be like if today could be the first day of creating that world? Are you willing to be you and change the world?

What if you decided that everything was a possibility? What if you decided that you really are the captain of your own life and you start batting for your own team? What if you where the change that the world requires? What if you are the gift the world truly desires? What if we have all been waiting for you? Did you know the world can change as fast as you would like it to? What if you were the key that makes everything work?

Welcome to my playground where you can discover these possibilities! What will it take to join me on a class and you can learn to be the true gift you truly are? After I realised I knew I can be the gift that the world truly desired my life started to explode in way you cannot even imagine and in ways I didn�t even know where possibilities? I had this thing about making myself smaller around people so they could not judge me, these tools have allowed me to show up as me, it reminded me of who I truly be.

I had bought this reality hook, line and sinker! When I learnt how to choose in this reality that when it all changed for me! We have all been thought to choose from a small menu of possibilities, but when I realised I could choose from an ever expanding universe my life changed for ever.

Is the time now for you to expand your life? What contribution can I be?

Gratitude for being you,


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Consciousness includes everything & judges nothing
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