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Wilma Zaltman

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Name: Wilma Zaltman
Certification: Practitioner
Phone: 516-666-2761
Location: 8977 Terni Lane
Boynton Beach
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About Wilma Zaltman

Rev. Wilma Ms Ed is a Transformation Leader, Visionary and Health Intuitive, with over 35 years
of experience in the field of stress management and dealing with change.

For over 5 years, I have been leading seminars, that I have written 'Breaking Through The Illusion'. Hidden deep within each of us is an infinite power. This power is so extraordinary that when awakened, it becomes unstoppable. Nothing can stand in its way. You can become unstoppable in loving relationships, business and living an abundant life.

As a Transformation Agent I have assisted my clients in aligning with their energetic forces so that they can transform stress into clarity,reach new heights of success and awaken an amazing sense of balance back into their lives.

Imagine your life when you have released the invisable barriers that have been holding you back.

How did I become involved with Access Consciousness and The Bars?

I heard Rikka Zimmerman, Gary Douglas and Dr. Dain Heer being interviewed at different times and each of them mentioned the power of the question. Each used words that I found difficult to understand and remember, POC and POD ..., these words had an energy that I could feel.
How could I find out what they were? Dr. Dain Heer mentioned a book that he wrote,
"Being You, Changing The World" . Yes, I ordered it. Wow!
He was talking my language and I resonated with every word. I also found out the secret words.
Everyone I spoke to I told them to order the book.

Went onto the Access Consciousness website and checked out the Bars. The rest is history, I am now a Bars Facilitator.

A few weeks ago Dr. Dain was in Fort Lauderdale, Florida doing a 3.5 day class on "Being You Changing The World" I know that during this class my life took it's next step.

Are you ready to show up and receive the miracles waiting for you?

Are you ready to unlock your limitations and step into infinite possibilities?

Bars, is the perfect tool for every healers tool box.

Through the Bars modality you are able to become one with your body.
How does it get any better than this?

Please call , come to a Bars Class with me and allow me to open the door to your new life.


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