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Kristina Aston. CFMW, BPF

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Name: Kristina Aston. CFMW, BPF
Certification: Certified Facilitator
Phone: 305-331-7465
Fort Myers - Naples - Miami
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About Kristina Aston. CFMW, BPF

Scroll Down to read about Kristina Aston. You will also see descriptions and prices for various classes and private sessions. I travel quite a bit teaching these classes however my home base is the Be Well Natural Health Clinic in Naples, Florida, where I have a private session room and a large classroom for teaching. I teach in Fort Myers and Miami, FL regularly and teach biannually in Connecticut. I have traveled to cities like New Orleans, LA and Missoula, MT for classes. I can teach anywhere in the world, I wonder where I will be next?

*UPCOMING CLASSES and EVENTS for May and June:

Intro to Access Consciousness - May 4, 2016 at the Be Well Natural Health Clinic in Naples, FL from 7-8PM FREE to the Public. See the Classes Tab for more details and to register.
Access BARS Class - May 7, 2016 at the Be Well Natural Health Clinic in Naples from 10AM-6PM. See the Classes Tab for details and to register.
Conscious Cash Creation - May 10, 2016 at the Be Well Natural Health Clinic in Naples, FL from 6-10PM. Would you like to create and generate more money in your life? It doesn’t matter where you are right now with money, whether you are in debt and struggling, suffering from lack mentality or well off or even a millionaire. These tools and processes work for where ever you are with regard to money and what you would like to change. Would you like to be done with the trauma and drama you have around money? What if you could have ease with money? Regular Price $250 - Class Special $175. Please email Kristina directly to register for this speciality money class at accesskristina@gmail.com please include all your contact information you will receive an email confirmation. You can also call to register.
Accessing the Greatness of You ~ 5 Days of Phenomenal Change. May 26-30, 2016 at the Be Well Natural Health Clinic in Naples, FL from 10AM - 6PM (Each day) This 5 day class starts with Access BARS, (1 day class and a pre-requisite to the 4 day Foundation Class) If you have already had BARS Class, you can jump into the Foundation Class starting on Day 2. (May 27) See the Classes Tab for more details and to register.
Click on the classes tab for more information and to register. Once there click on the class title and scroll down the page (after the video) and there you will find all the class details and you can register.

June 15, 2016 An Introduction to Access Consciousness. 7PM - 8PM What if you had the tools and processes to create your life the way you knew you were always meant to live? Access Consciousness uses practical techniques that include your being and your body to change anything that isn’t working in your life. Come see what else is possible. FREE to the Public. Be Well Natural Health Clinic 1032 Goodlette Frank Rd. Naples, FL 34102- 305-331-7465 kristinaaston.accessconsciousness.com
June 18, 2016 Access Consciousness Energetic Face Lift Class. 11AM - 6 PM Learn the the Energetic Facelift, a non-invasive light touch, dynamic energy transformation system that naturally lifts sagging skin, diminishes wrinkles and revives skin. People have reported permanent looking results after 20 sessions. $250. Be Well Natural Health Clinic 1032 Goodlette Frank Rd. Naples, FL 34102 - 305-331-7465 kristinaaston.accessconsciousness.com
June 22, 2016 Access BARS Day. 10AM - 5PM Schedule a BARS session on this day only and receive 20% off the regular price of $125 for a 75 mins. session. Release limitations, negative programming and start learning to truly receive. Become a walking, talking meditation. Get free of what's holding you back. Schedule an appt. now. Be Well Natural Health Clinic 1032 Goodlette Frank Rd. Naples, FL 34102 - 305-331-7465 kristinaaston.accessconsciousness.com
June 22, 2016 Conscious CA$H Creation $$$. 6PM-10PM Would you like to create and generate more money in your life? Whether you are in debt and struggling, or just want more ease around money, come learn tools and processes to change any money situation. Regular Price $250 - Class Special $175. Please email Kristina directly to register for this speciality money class at accesskristina@gmail.com please include all your contact information you will receive an email confirmation. You can also call to register. Be Well Natural Health Clinic 1032 Goodlette Frank Rd. Naples, FL 34102 - 305-331-7465 kristinaaston.accessconsciousness.com
June 25, 2016 Access Consciousness BARS Class. 10AM - 6PM Learn the Access BARS, 32 points on the head that when lightly touched start to clear all of the limitations you have about different areas of your life and body. Many people around the world report relief from sadness, pain, stress, insomnia, money, relationship, sex, health, weight and anxiety issues and so much more. $300. Be Well Natural Health Clinic 1032 Goodlette Frank Rd. Naples, FL 34102- 305-331-7465 To register: kristinaaston.accessconsciousness.com
Click on the classes tab for more information and to register. Once there click on the class title and scroll down the page (after the video) and there you will find all the class details and you can register.

What if you weren't broken? As a life long seeker, I have taken numerous courses and classes as well as having read countless books. I am a certified Theta Healer. I have worked and studied with life coaches, motivators, masters, doctors, teachers, shamans, healers, and body and energy workers. I have been organized, attuned, aligned, adjusted, activated, reactivated, rebirthed, regressed, reconnected, toned, downloaded and cleansed. All of which have made me the person I am today. My spiritual and self help pursuits brought great insights, knowledge and experience, yet somehow I still didn't have the fulfillment in life, that I thought all of this would bring me. And, oh yea,. I wasn't having any fun. My extra dough didn't go for designer purses and shoes (well, once in awhile). It went to find me . . . to fix me. Does this sound like you?

It's time for you to stop being the diamond in the rough and shine with all the brilliance you are! - Kristina Aston

What would you like to change? I literally asked the universe for something that would bring all my knowledge, education and abilities together: something that would allow me to simply start living a life of grace. BAM! That's when Access Consciousness showed up! Upon listening to live web casts, I heard some annoyingly happy people consistently having results in their life. I have to admit this pissed me off. I started listening to clearing statements. I did them nightly (and still do). I listened to Access lectures daily. Mmmmm, still not the results I desired and this went on for months. Then I heard it. I mean I heard it again, for at least the 3rd or 4th time, maybe more. "If you're not getting results you might want to find a local facilitator and get your BARS run." What??? I finally went straight to my laptop and looked up the nearest facilitator. There was a class scheduled in two weeks and I went. That's when everything began to change.

How aware are you willing to be? As a child I felt everything from everyone: I knew peoples thoughts, I heard their judgements, I felt their pain, and I had visions and premonitions that came true. I found myself choosing to be alone a lot because of it. I didn't get this place, and I always had the feeling of wanting to go home, even when I was home. I tried to fit in and be normal. I would dumb myself down. It was just so much easier to not have to deal with people. Here's the funny thing: most people consider me to be a people person, a natural leader and very positive, little did they know. Somewhere around age 20, I began to realize the way I perceived things and started really researching. Psychic? Well, I couldn't control it; it just came and went all day long. Empathic? Wow, that resonated with me. What to do with this information? The problem was: I was letting everyone's thoughts and feelings run me. I considered myself aware, yet I was at the affect of everyone around me, literally making myself powerless. So, I just stuffed the pink elephant in the room, into the closet, as best I could. Yet, the door burst open often and it was always asking to come out. How could someone with so much knowledge allow this? I was assaulting myself with my own awareness. I was lacking the tools to use my own knowing. That's what Access has now given me: tools for designing my life, creating my reality and choosing what I am willing to have in my life. Mmmm, now that's a question! What are you willing to have in your life? Access didn't try to fix me. It simply handed me the tools to design my own life with ease, joy and glory! It wasn't all rainbows and butterflies at first, I was so entrained, that I actually argued with one of my facilitators, that I was wired incorrectly for this reality. My facilitators also made me aware that I wasn't allowing myself to receive, because I didn't need anyone or anything. I was existing in an exchange (give and take) universe, and instead of receiving from people, I had a sense of obligation, "Now what do I have to do for this?" Yuck! Does the sun shine its light down expecting anything in return? Interesting Point Of Views, huh?

What would it take to let go of everything that isn't working in your life? Everyday is an adventure and I am still amazed at how these tools are working for me. Now, I am an invitation to life and that is what I am offering you. You were brought to this page, perhaps even guided, and if you're still reading this, you must be sensing that perhaps this is different. I can tell you this: it is weird, it's wacky, and it works. Access Consciousness isn't going to give you, you. You are going to give you, YOU! And, not anyone or anything is going to do that for you. What Access will give you is the keys to unlocking your life. Are you ready to create your life on your terms? Are you ready to let go and unlock all of the points of view, limiting beliefs, conclusions, considerations and programs that are currently creating the construct of the reality you are choosing? Are you ready to let go of the wrongness of you that you have decided that you are? Are you willing to question everything you have ever been told about how "this" reality works and then blow it out of the water so you can create YOUR reality?

What are class participants saying about Kristina and the Access Consciousness tools and classes?

It's been a couple a months since I have taken Foundation and Level 1 and I have noticed that I have had way more ease with day to day living. It is so subtle, the change happened but I can't tell you how or when. I don't stress out as much or feel trapped any more. I use the tools and the flow is like magic. Things I ask for are showing up quickly. How does it get better than this?
Elke Thuerling, Alva, Florida 8/24/15,

I was blown away by your class on Friday as I did not know what to expect. I still don't have the words for my experience but I can say with absolution that I left CT a different person on Friday! Physically, my body has changed, I am lighter and notice a peace or knowing that was not present prior to class. I love the ease with which these tools apply and fit in every situation. With epic gratitude,
Dr. Amity Bubbins DC Plymouth, Massachusetts June, 2015

As a licensed massage therapist and body worker with over 25 years of experience I was surprised at the deep sense of relaxation I felt. It was like nothing I have ever experienced before. As a facilitator you were extremely professional. Your creative and fun approach was inspirational and encouraging. I left feeling great and wanting more. Thank you.
-Rebeca A. Wallingford, CT 11/26/14,

This BARS Class was a very eye opening experience. I had never attended anything like it before. I left your class with a whole new perspective towards life. The greatest thing was coming out of it really knowing that I have infinite possibilities for creating my life. I never felt so in touch with the path my life can take. I will highly recommend this class to anyone looking for a new perspective on life. I came into the class not knowing what to expect and it was incredibly life changing. Thank you.
-Danielle Yagavone, Wallingford, CT 11/29/14,

Thank you SO much, Kristina! I want to acknowledge you for being such a gift -- thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!
-Lynn Houston Jensen Beach, Florida 8/30/12

I found some of my old thought patterns coming up when I returned home. I acknowledged them and said "Who does this belong to?" (It didn't belong to me) "Return To Sender, to the Point of Creation with consciousness attached." THE CHARGE WAS GONE!!!! I feel incredible!! My employees said "You're So Happy!!! It's like you went on vacation to Disney World." : ) Thank You So Much For This Outstanding Seminar and a beautiful weekend sharing time with you. You're such a Beautiful Soul!!!
-Susan Bogan San Juan, Puerto Rico 8/29/12

Thank you so much for the class yesterday! Out of the 3 classes I took, I enjoyed your's the most, due to your knowledge in the clearing statements. Really loved that you did them while we were running BARS. You also did an artful job of understanding and interacting with the various energies in the group. That was a good lesson for me as well, as a future facilitator.
-Karen B. Naples, Florida 8/27/12

What else is possible? Please join me in one of my classes or make an appointment to have your BARS run, or schedule a private session for one on one facilitation focusing on what you want to create in your life. You can also schedule yourself for a series of Bars Sessions or the Energetic Face Lifts. I would be happy to facilitate these tools for you and hand them to you in a gold consciousness tool box gilded with diamonds. (That's where I keep mine.) Are you willing to receive that? Come and explore what else is possible for you.

Contact: Please contact me for information about hosting or attending classes or to make an appointment. I have different facilities depending on where you live in South Florida. I also facilitate classes all over the country and I am happy to travel any where in the world. accesskristina@gmail.com

Prices for Core Classes:
*Access BARS 8Hr Class $300 ($150 for repeat)
*Foundation 8 Hour Class (each day approximately) $1400 ($700 to repeat) 4 Days long

Prices for Speciality Classes:
*Energetic Face Lift Class 6Hr Class $250
*Conscious CASH Creation Class 4Hr Class $250 Class Special Now $175
*The Deal and Deliver Class 4Hr Class $250 Special Now $175

Prices for Privates Sessions:
*Access BARS Body Process 60-75min. Session $125
*Energetic Face Lift 60-75min. Session $175 (Special: Buy ten sessions in advance for $1500, save $250 ($150 per session) or Buy 20 Sessions in advance for $2500 ($125 per session) and save $1000)
*Private Session 1 hour $250, 2 hours $450

It is possible for me to travel to you, all expenses must be paid and both parties will have to agree to terms.

*Access BARS Class is a 1 day workshop where you learn how to do the BARS. You'll learn how to do this dynamic hands-on body process that can change your body and life. You'll be able to give BARS and charge for a BARS session. You will be a Bars Practitioner. 10 CEU's are available for Massage Therapists and body workers. You will receive a manual. The day is full of clearings and the learning of some basic tools to begin changing your life. How does it get any better than this?

*Access BARS Body Process: The BARS is where it all starts. There are 32 points on the head that when touched discharges energy holding limiting beliefs in place in their neural connections. It is similar to hitting the delete button for your junk files on a computer. It slows down the brain waves to allow behavioral patterns and addictions to be addressed. You become a walking, talking meditation. Experience increased energy. Heal emotional scars. Assist in weight and body image issues. Reduce or eliminate pain. Enhance healing and sleep. Erase limitations and blocks. Increase receiving. No longer be the affect of other people and situations. Plus much more...

*Foundation Class (formally known as Foundation and Level 1 now referred to as Foundation only) - After learning the Access Consciousness BARS which is a prerequisite to this class, this 4 day class gives you the space to look at your life as a different possibility. Verbal processing is used to build on what was learned in the bars class and it begins the process of getting you free of the limiting thoughts and patterns that you can’t seem to shake. Unlock your limitations about embodiment, finances, success, relationships, family, YOU and your capacities and much more! Step into greater possibilities for having everything you truly desire in life as you learn tools and questions to change anything that’s not working for you. You also learn two additional hands-on body process called Cellular Memory and MTVSS (Molecular Terminal Valence Sloughing System) the first works wonders on scars and pains in the body and the latter creates miracles and ease for bodies all over the world. Create a phenomenal life filled with magic, joy and ease and clear your limitations about what is truly available for you. Discover the 5 Elements of Intimacy, create energy flows and start actually BEING happy and celebrating living. If you could change anything in your life, what would it be?

*Access Body Processes There are many Access Body Processes to choose from Cellular Memory, MTVSS (Molecular Terminal Valence Sloughing System) BBM (Biomimetic and Biomimetric Mimicry) these are just some of the most dynamic. There are about 50+ Body Processes I can facilitate and teach a class around. Typically we teach two different body processes in a one day class. You will learn how to give the processes and you will receive the body processes these one day comprehensive classes are extremely nurturing and healing beyond what most people have ever been able to receive before.

*The Energetic Face Lift is a non-invasive hands-on technique that reverses signs of aging, skin discoloration and sagging. It diminishes lines, wrinkles and scar tissue. It improves the overall texture of skin. It creates similar effects as plastic surgery and Botox throughout the entire body. The effects are cumulative. Good results are seen after 10 sessions and appear permanent after 20 sessions. It unlocks the the body from aging limitations.

I can also teach the Energetic Facelift Body Process as a one day class. Learn it for yourself so you can do it on friends and family or add it to your already existing body or health practice.

*Private Session Private setting where we work together on a particular issue with verbal clearing processes and possible body processes (if needed) are used to assist you in letting go of limiting beliefs, negative programming, thoughts, feelings, emotions, conclusions, considerations and judgements you have locked in place. Custom questions are created for you to begin living as the question and creating a reality of your choosing. Private sessions can also so be done over the phone or via Skype. Please email kristina@choosingchoioce.com to schedule an appointment.

Kristina Aston was born and raised in Connecticut. She has worked in the modeling and fashion industry for 15 years, She has worked in the wellness field just as long, co-opening her own Wellness Center with an emphasis on chiropractic, physical therapy, massage, fitness and nutrition. She went on to manage other fitness centers and Network Chiropractic offices. Following a lifelong dream in 2002, she opened a furniture import business in Miami, Florida. This brought many creative projects such as design layout for modern upscale homes, offices, restaurants and lounges and complete design installations for art exhibits and home shows.

Currently, Kristina is a CF (Certified Facilitator) and BPF (Body Process Facilitator) teaching the Access Core Classes, Body Process Classes and her own Speciality Classes like Conscious Cash Creation. She is also in the birthing stages of launching a really creative, extremely magical and very yummy new endeavor. Stay tuned!


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