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Mel Mazing

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Name: Mel Mazing
Certification: Practitioner
Phone: 0431223707
Sunshine Coast
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Hi, how are you?
In October 2008 I came across a modality that I KNEW I had to do, It was called Access Consciousness, I didn't know what it was or how it was done however I was going to do it.
And WOW what an extraordinary 5 days I had.. Yes i did the bars foundation and level 1 all together, those 5 days changed my life and I was like..more more more....
I have since done numerous Access Classes and have become a Certified facilitator and love working with people to assist them in knowing what they know and having the life they truly desire.

I am so grateful For Gary Douglas and Dr Dain Heer for choosing more so I can choose more, With out the tools of access I wouldn't be more of me!

I use the tools everyday with my children to empower them to be who they truly BE and our relationship has changed and grown stronger! We enjoy each other far greater than I ever imagined possible!

I am Grateful for every single one of you that has chosen more, What are the infinite possibilities if we all choose to be more of who we truly be?? How does it get any better than that??


Access Consciousness is absolutely AMAZING! I have had my Bars run by our beautiful Mel twice now and both times have felt incredible! I had no idea of what possibilities having my bars run could bring, nor what doors it would open up for me. It was a series of synchronised moments that lead me to Mel and as soon as I heard about Access consciousness I knew I had to give it a try, it resonated with who I am.
The first session was Incredible, I made sure I was in the present moment and felt my cells vibrating with the warm energy that was flowing through my body. My whole body pulsed with what I pictured as gold energy and when I got off the table I felt as if I was taking my very first steps again, it was a strange yet welcome sensation. I left floating on air. With Tools to use to maintain my accessing of conscious.
The second Bars running was 2 days ago. This time it was different, the pressures of energy blocks being released that occurred the first time where minimal, but I could still feel any residual negative energy be removed. I had again the calm warmth all through my body, it was as incredible as the first time. This session was more about learning a new set of tools to use and to raise my consciousness that bit more.
Today I have found myself very aware of what feelings and thoughts were my own, and not surprisingly most weren't, they were the energies of the people around me. I used the new tools that Mel provided for me and I feel so much better for it!
I can safely say that awakening my consciousness has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. My body feels lighter, my mind feels free, I am so much more in tune with myself, the souls that chose me to be their Mum in this life, and more in tune with those around me. Life is so much better because I am aware! KS- Australia


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