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Kristen Tromble

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Name: Kristen Tromble
Certification: Certified Facilitator
Phone: 907-364-2620
Location: PO Box 23284
Juneau, AK 99802
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About Kristen Tromble

As a child, my awareness of the insanity of judgment led to confusion and depression as I attempted to navigate a reality in which people are treated as wrong unless they're being and doing the same as everyone else. Access Consciousness® gives me the tools to create a life beyond the limited points of view and judgment of others. Using these tools, I'm creating a life that includes me as a priority. I have more allowance for me, more ease with my body, more joy, more awareness, and lots more fun. Am I finished? No way! These tools contribute to a lifetime of change and new possibilities.

What contribution can I be to you and the changes you'd like to create?

I Offer

  • Access Bars® individual sessions and classes—I'm an approved NCBTMB instructor; Bars class participants are eligible for 8 NCBTMB CEUs
  • Access Body Process individual sessions and classes
  • Access Energetic Facelift sessions and classes; Facelift class participants are eligible for 4 NCBTMB CEUs
  • Maestro Symphony sessions—Unique, free-form sessions offered in-person and by distance
  • Abuse Hold sessions
  • The Foundation class
Contact me for information on upcoming classes, to schedule an individual session, or to request a class in your community.


"Since our session, and the last time we emailed, so much is changing in my life. It is amazing. I feel like I am finally moving in a direction that I want. I feel unstuck. I am attributing it to the session with you and the endless questions I keep asking myself and the universe."—Johanna

"When Kristen ran my Bars, my whole body progressively relaxed, and my head emptied of all thought. Near the end of the session, (having not moved on the table all the session, which is rare for me), I did some massive stretches on the table, and could feel the last of the tension in my body drain away, leaving me with the reality of peace and calm in both mind and body. Thank you Kristen."—Graeme

"Kristen has good hands!"—Tom

"Don't let Kristen's unassuming manner fool you. She's a dynamic healer with great kindness and depth. I've had a lot of body work with a lot of different people and I will definitely be choosing to work with Kristen again!"—Stephanie


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Consciousness includes everything & judges nothing
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