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Lynda Valliche

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Name: Lynda Valliche
Certification: Bars Facilitator
Phone: 310 736-0172
Sherman Oaks, CA and your city USA
California, Nevada, Hawaii, Colorado
United States
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About Lynda Valliche

Hi there! How exciting you have decided to see how truly amazing and magical you truly be! HDIGBTT?

Based in Los Angeles California, Lynda Valliche has over 15 years of experience in energy and sound healing as well as having created unique healing and transformational processes. She is a gifted energy and sound healer and intuitive serving those who are sincerely searching for personal healing and a core-level transformation. Lynda was born both deeply empathic and energetically aware and has developed her gifts to focus in deeply and thus intuit the energetic source of problems affecting the constitution of her clients Her ability to perceive and channel multidimensional energies accelerates healing through energetic restructuring, harmonization and balancing of energy within the body as well as assisting in the release of judgments, points of view and limiting beliefs and associated energy. She conducts private sessions and workshops, that includes transformational dance and provides unique modalities of healing and energy awareness.

Lynda’s life's purpose is to bring personal healing and planetary transformation through expanding awareness of the unity and harmony between spirit and form, masculine and feminine energies and between sound and light and to use her varied gifts and healing modalities to help clients access consciousness and awareness that can enable them to receive abundance in all areas of life with ease and joy. Lynda often says “awareness and balance in human beings is key to changing the way people relate to Earth and to one another. This will bring an understanding of the sacred relationship between Spirit and Matter.

Born in Colorado and raised in Hawaii, Lynda has always had a conscious and intuitive connection and awareness of, Spirit as Energy in Nature. As a young adult she became increasingly aware that this energy awareness was a gift to be used in service to others and she began the study of existing energy healing practices, becoming a Reiki Master and certified massage therapist. From that time she began providing healing work in Hawaii and her ability to channel and perceive energy in the human body and nature began to accelerate.

Early on she had intuitive awareness of the power of sound and to heal and began incorporating sound into her healing sessions with great success. She later studied with Jonathan Goldman, a pioneer in sound healing and author of the acclaimed book “Healing Sounds.” Lynda has a gift to create powerful healing harmonics in her voice. She now incorporates sound as an integral aspect of her healing work and when merged with her deep awareness and connection of the energetic field provides a powerful modality of energetic transformation.

Lynda has studied and incorporated many other modalities and she is an Access Bars facilitator (felicitator) and is developing new modalities that build upon her intuitive and energetic awareness and on various disciplines in energy and consciousness awareness. These modalities can bring complete awareness of ones special gifts, healing and unlimited possibilities to receive more fully the abundance which is already present in the energetic field.

In addition to her work as a healer, Lynda is a SAG-AFTRA actress, singer and voice over professional.

To learn more about me and what I do visit my WEB site for more details


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