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Erella Shefy

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Name: Erella Shefy
Certification: Certified Facilitator
Phone: 972-547260626
Tel Aviv
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About Erella Shefy

ברוך וברוכה הבא/ה!!

אני כל כך שמחה על ההזדמנות הנפלאה להנחות את סדנאות Bars,Foundation, Level1 בארץ. יש בכך סוג של שליחות עבורי. מניסיוני ומניסיון של מאות אנשים שכבר חוו את הכלים המופלאים של הגישה הזו, הם יכולים לחולל שינוי בכל תחומי החיים שלך ולעלות תדרים בתוכנו כאנשים וכחברה.
יהיה לי לעונג להכיר אותך ולהיות חלק מהמסע להתפתחות אישית שלך.

עוד קצת עליי בהמשך הכיתוב באנגלית.

אגב, הסדנא מועברת בעברית או אנגלית, תלוי אם יהיו לנו אורחים מחו"ל.

Hi special person,

Well maybe I don't know you personally, but the move that you have just done, enter to access website means that you are special!
You are special because you are commited to your life,
You want more than what is, you sense that it is possible..

How can it gets better than this?


My name is Erella, For too many years I was busy running after targets, adding lines to my cv. Well, I was not bad in it.. BA in social work, Msc in business and MA in Holism and
Arts .

Today, I realize that we are whole persons body- mind- soul and my mission is to help people to reconnect to their whole parts, to their heart, to the essence of what they are, to there higher self.

I established my own school of integrative coaching- Humanager.
I help my clients to listen to their inner source and choose from it.

Access was a natural step for me. Nowadays I integrate Access Consciousness tools to transcendent personal development, and IT WORKS GREAT!!

THIS IS AN INVITATION to experience more of YOU!

I invite you to bypass the talking mind and get directly to the source of everything
I call it- oneness.
A place where seeds are growing to a green field. It is in your hands, well in your fingers...

How can I be a contribution to you?
with joy, ease and glory.

Are you ready to play? I am excited to give you this precious gift- THE BARS.

We are about to start...

Are you joining us?

Yours with joy, ease and glory,


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Access Bars® 30/Mar/2017 Tel Aviv, Israel Erella Shefy
Consciousness includes everything & judges nothing
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