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Rhonda Burns, CFMW

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Name: Rhonda Burns, CFMW
Certification: Certified Facilitator
Phone: please email to connect!
Texas (Dallas area)...WORLDWIDE baby...
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About Rhonda Burns, CFMW

If you don't see a class listed here on the site, be sure to check out www.rhonda-burns.com under the Classes/Events page for detailed upcoming classes and registration links!


Are you having FUN yet????

* What if life doesn’t have to be HARD or SERIOUS? (hint: it doesn't have to be)
* What if every, single day was filled with more EASE? JOY? FUN? PLAY? (hint: it totally can be)
* Where are you stuck? Are you ready to get UN-stuck? (hint: it's not as hard as you think)
* What choice(s) are you willing to make to create a new way of showing up in the world?
* When was the last time you simply received with no judgment or expectation?


I’ve often been accused of being...


Well, thank you very much! TOTALLY! YES! That's me! And guess what? It only scratches the surface. And now, as a result of choosing to use the amazing tools from Access Consciousness, I don't have to limit or hide me in the world, for ANY reason. E-V-E-R. I KNOW I have CHOICE in everything I do and everything I "be".

So, here's what I know: YOU ARE BRILLIANT, AMAZING, PHENOMENAL, CAPABLE, UNDENIABLE, BEAUTIFUL AND TRULY A GIFT TO THIS WORLD. Do you know that about yourself? If not, would you be willing to consider a different possibility for knowing that about yourself and choosing to change whatever is limiting you?

I've always been a seeker and have been a perpetual student - and a damn good one at that! Guess what I learned along the way? A boat-load. But the greatest gift I received along the way of all that seeking was the gift of ME. I'm not broken (never was and neither are you). I'm not flawed (never have been and neither are you). I am truly grateful to be here, to be alive and to choose joy and happiness every single day (haven't always felt that way, but now I do). How about you?

Access Consciousness is an immensely deep and wide body of work that provides tools and techniques to change ANYTHING in your life that isn't working for you. Yes, ANYTHING and EVERYTHING. It is NOT a silver bullet, magic pill, daily routine, way of "doing" anything. Does change make you shake in your shoes a little or a lot? Does it maybe excite the heck out of you while scaring you at the same time? (Yeah, I get the flash of all of that in the moment I choose to change. When I move through whatever it is that I'm changing, I'm always blown away with the immense possibilities and the lightness that's on the "other side" of whatever it was. Crazy & cool!)

It's a pragmatic set of tools and processes you learn so that you can come into BEING you, more of you - all the time.; to let go of all the resistance, limitations, judgments, conclusions, conditioning and "same way of doing things because that's how we've always done it way of doing things". Access empowers people to KNOW THAT THEY KNOW. So I ask you...What do you know? And what do you know that you're pretending not to know, or denying that you know?

And for the record, these tools and classes change things FASTER than anything out there. True story! They can change your attitude, your thoughts, your body, your health, your money flows, your business, your family, your relationships, your sex life, your, well, you name it!

You can go farther, faster and more easily than anything you may ever try. So I'll say this: If you don't want change, DO NOT take these classes. If you're like me, and it's "all in" baby....come PLAY!

I’m Rhonda Burns and I’m absolutely thrilled to “meet you”. If you’re here at this moment, then please consider yourself personally invited to explore a world of “WHAT ELSE IS POSSIBLE?”

As an expert potency coach, professional speaker, Intuitive Wellness Facilitator, a former Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator and an Access Consciousness Bars & Body Process Facilitator, I provide private VIP and group coaching, Access Bars classes, Access Body Process classes, tele-calls, public classes, private Access Bars and body work sessions, and public speaking engagements, but I’m really more of an "energetic powerhouse" that loves to PLAY in life. I'm always seeking new playmates that desire something greater.

I facilitate people so that they create, generate and institute what they want, anything they want - with a healthy dose of fun infused! How does it get any better? If you are interested in working with a kick-ass, crazy-fun catalyzing partner who desires to see you live your absolute most crazy-awesome life AND take it to the next level, then I encourage you to visit with me today!

I love to play; want to join me? What grand and glorious adventures shall we create today? I have a residence in North TX (Dallas metro area), but I have a passport and will travel to wherever will create the most expansion, contribution and the most fun! I am flexible, so I can put together anything required for your growth and exploration in record time. (Yes, I love creating magic; how about you?) Would you like to host me at an event or class? Are you looking for a dynamic and captivating speaker to inspire your audience? How much fun would you like to institute in your life & living?

With infinite gratitude for you,

Rhonda Burns, CFMW
Expert Potency Coach,Professional Speaker
Intuitive Wellness Facilitator
Access Consciousness Bars & Body Process Facilitator


"If you ask me what I came into this life to do, I will tell you: I came to live out loud." – Emile Zola



I have seen Rhonda a couple times for energy facials and during some very stressful changes in my life I got a text from her asking how I was. I told her not great and she offered me a treatment and I could choose an energetic facial or a brain defrag. I had never been one to go outside "typical medicine", but as a type-A busy professional, I have learned to be more open to new alternative healing techniques, so I jumped at the chance to try this new treatment. I knew that if Rhonda recommended it given my current life situation, then I was all in.

From the minute I laid down, I felt my body relax and I melted into the table. The entire time Rhonda was working on me I felt very relaxed and very sure I slept through some of it. When I woke up I wasn't expecting much, but as I opened my eyes I could see the sun coming in the room and it seemed to have a brighter glow, and the intense vibrating tension in my body had disappeared. I felt like the 30 pounds of stress and worry I was carrying on my shoulders had somehow disappeared.

That night I slept all night for the first time in months, I was not disturbed with constant nightmares and I woke ready to go on my business trip with a sense of excitement. When I arrived in Houston, I had spent some quiet time at the airport in prayer and journaling and what I discovered is that God and the Universe was helping me see the signs to "rediscovering me". I knew, but didn't "know" that over my 5- year marriage I slowly gave up who I was in order to be the "best wife, mother, step-mom, professional, work-mate" for my husbands practice as well as be present for my audiences, but I forgot about ME: who I was and what I wanted. I have always wanted to pierce my belly button and as a line in the sand marking my new independence and journey of rediscovering me, I got my belly button and both nipples pierced at the same time. Ok, it was a little painful, but the joy of simply doing something I wanted without regard to what others like my soon to be ex husband etc, might think or judge, this was something I did for me and it felt so great!

Later that night I was lying in bed thinking about what led me as a strong, independent business woman to give away who I was so easily? I thought if it can happen to me, I am certain it happens to other women. It's like one day you are living the life you are meant to live and the next you look in the mirror and you don't even recognize the person staring back at you. I decided to start a blog for women sharing my 365 day journey to Reclaiming Me (www.divabychoice.com) That night I bought the domain and started developing the site and of course started writing.

All of this came about within 48 hours of my first session of brain defrag with Rhonda and I am very excited to see what God and the Universe has for me after my next one...I believe if we are present and open we will receive the message.

Much success, Sher

Author, Professional Speaker, DIVA of Magnitude


You truly have a gift working with bodies! My leg/hip flexor is feeling a million times better since getting body work on it! Thank you, thank you, thank you! How does it get better than that?! - J.P. (FL)


Good morning! Just want to thank you for your contribution and what you bring to my expansion. I'm very grateful! - (text received) - B.A. (N. TX)


"I found Rhonda through the Access Consciousness website and was drawn in by her infectious enthusiasm and abundance of joy. For me, the decision to work with Rhonda felt very "light," as they say, and so I enrolled in her BARS class just after Christmas 2012. I knew I'd made the right decision when I received a warm and friendly personalized greeting via email shortly thereafter.

Her class was expertly executed and the environment was intimate with personal instruction and guidance to ensure that we learned the appropriate hand placements and sequence. Rhonda is professional but not stuffy -- she keeps it light, fun, and enjoyable and her personality lights up a room! In fact, that's what drew me to her in the first place.

If you're looking to get certified to administer BARS or find yourself in need of a positive influence in your life then I would suggest you affiliate with Rhonda Burns. Once you've gone through a course with Rhonda she also makes sure to follow up on your experience to help you integrate the insights and expansion of consciousness that takes place, while also making you feel welcome by helping you assimilate into the growing community of Access practitioners in the area.

If you want to feel nurtured in a comfortable environment conducive to a positive learning experience then go with Rhonda and you'll be well taken care of. Not only will you be glad you did, you will be asking yourself how you got so lucky to find such a cool facilitator! Many thanks for a great experience!"


Tristan Montoya
I was fortunate to take my first Access Bars class with Rhonda. Her enthusiasm and ability to intuitively use all Access tools to support our class that day made the class both transformative and fun! Since this class, I have stayed in contact with Rhonda - she truly desires to support others to achieve their best life! - Susan Pruyn, N. VA


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