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Abby Shukster

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Name: Abby Shukster
Certification: Practitioner
Phone: 613 473 0962
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About Abby Shukster

Are you aware that we create our lives and our reality with the thoughts we habitually think?

Do you know where these thoughts come from?

Do you even hear them, or are they just hidden in the beliefs and certainties that we take for granted, as real and true?

Or, do they lurk somewhere in the background?, playing like music, as we shop our way thru life, thinking we have free choice.

What would it be like to truly be free?

To sense clearly all the possibilities before you?

What if I could share with you some tools and techniques, that could assist you to greater awareness ?

Would you like to know more?

Would you like to be connected to the magical nature, all around you?

When I found the Bars and Access Consciousness, I tingled with excitement !!

Here, I found a way of letting go of all thoughts, without having to remember or relive them. Even when I was resistant (because my identity was built around proving I was okay, even if I was different ) The clearings worked!! My mind was peacefully empty and I had the simple clarity of connecting with the infinite, as I had as a child.

I could enjoy being me, guilt free.

I have raised my 6 children and am still raising some of my 8 step children, on my 100 acre magical forest, where we enjoy being close to the land, working and communing with nature.

Seems I have always loved challenging peoples thinking, and I love most when "I see the light in their eyes", as they wake up, to something great about themselves.

So, what about you?

Are you ready to receive the greatness you BE ?

Would you like more fun and ease in your life?

Will you call me?

so we can explore what's possible?


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