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Sophie Fyson

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Name: Sophie Fyson
Certification: Bars Facilitator
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About Sophie Fyson

Greetings from Oxford!

As a bars facilitator I am delighted to offer you individual bars, body process and facelift sessions, bars classes and bars shares.

Like many people who come to Access I have followed a variety of interests both professionally and privately. My working life has been varied with primary school teaching and administration, medical secretarial work, homeopathy and reiki making up the main threads. While my children were growing up I explored many complementary therapies and have always been searching for ways to improve our experience of life.

A while ago I came across Dain Heer introducing Access Consciousness in a telecall. It wasn’t what he said so much that struck me it was the feeling of energy moving inside me that made me take note. When he spoke and did the clearing statements, which I thought sounded thoroughly bizarre, I noticed that I could feel coolness in my chest and sometimes my arms and it was moving. It was a pleasant experience and I felt good, even though my mind was busily making plenty of judgements about what he was saying! I decided to ignore my overactive mind for once and listen to my body.

Since then I have attended many classes, all of which I have enjoyed immensely. As each class goes by I notice that I am able to be less judgemental and more accepting, both of myself and of others. At last I have discovered something light hearted and fun that can really help all of us to enjoy life more. If we choose to use the tools that Access offers we can bring about the change that we desire. How does it get better than that?
Access tools will help you to open up to new possibilities simply by asking questions, doing clearing statements and also using body processes such as the bars. Those who choose to visit me seem to experience real change and a new lightness of being. The aim is to open up your horizons, discover how to have more of you, how to feel more expansive and open and then enjoy all the changes that come about as a result.

My invitation to you is to come and join me on this voyage of discovery. What energy, space and consciousness could we create together that would change your world and the world around us? Come and see what else is possible?

Please get in touch with me if you would like to have a session or come to a class. I am happy to run classes by request and you can also contact me through my website www.oxfordwellbeing.co.uk


'I would highly recommend Sophie Fyson as an Access Bars practitioner. From the moment she places her hands on the first Bar you know that she has a gift for this imaginative medium that can help us to let go of old implanted conditioned thoughts.These judgemental often negative 'points of view' can tether us to dysfunction and suffering. I felt a shift immediately and felt a confidence and trust in Sophie that is exactly what I would value most in a practitioner in a theraputic context like this.'
She really is wonderful!! Rhondda Lee, Cheltenham

I was very dubious about having my bars run, very apprehensive, didn’t know what to expect but hoped it might help relieve some of the stress I was feeling. It was an absolutely amazing experience. After having one session I found I could sleep better without waking at 3 am in the morning, a lot of tension had been released, I felt blissfully calm and had space in my head to think. I am a mum of four boys with a husband that works unsociable hours so was never able to take time for myself. Friends, family and work colleagues all noticed a change in me and how I reacted to things in a much calmer manner. I have never found any other treatment as worthwhile to my wellbeing. I personally feel that Sophie is very skilled at what she does. She is a very calming influence with a soothing voice that clears my mind by the end of the session. I would highly recommend Sophie’s treatment to anyone who is stressed or too tense to relax. I am now hooked on having my bars run and find it an essential part of my life.
Debbie, Oxford.

After I read Dr Dain Heer's book Being You, Changing the World I simply wanted to take this a step further by going to a Bars class. Although I had a practitioner closer to me, I was drawn to Sophie Fyson and booked a course with her. She was simply brilliant! I immediately felt at ease and she explained everything clearly and with enthusiasm. The practical side was simply amazing!!! After the first few moves, I felt as if my whole body was floating just a few inches off the table. At some point, I am sure I even dozed off. Afterwards, I felt very serene and happy within. What a wonderful feeling!

I also brought my 9 year old daughter with me as she is drawn to alternative therapies. Sophie was very open and allowed her to do the course. She was very patient and fun with my daughter and incredibly understanding. This experience was wonderfully bonding for us and we both look back on it with very warm thoughts. Plus we have some tools now that we can use when life becomes challenging.
Jeanne, Monks Risborough

I recently attended a Bars training day with Sophie Fyson and I can’t recommend her enough. It was a wonderful day, and I got everything out of the training I was hoping for, and more. Sophie is an especially generous, kind and open practitioner/person. I felt fully welcome and comfortable with her from the moment we met. She has a special gift in her ability to teach, as well as to ‘run’ the Bars, which made me feel at peace, expansive and free. I would not hesitate to recommend Sophie.

Charlotte, Reading.


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Access Bars® Gifting & Receiving 1/Apr/2017 Oxford, UK Sophie Fyson
Access Bars® 22/Apr/2017 Oxford, UK Sophie Fyson
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