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Keri Sender-Receiver, LSW & Transformation Facilitator

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Name: Keri Sender-Receiver, LSW & Transformation Facilitator
Certification: Bars Facilitator
Phone: 917-592-1883
Location: Malama i Ka 'Ola Holistic Health Center
Holualoa Village
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About Keri Sender-Receiver, LSW & Transformation Facilitator

It's late at night and you're lying awake in bed with that gnawing question again: How do I move forward with my life, achieve my goals and be the biggest version of myself? You can't shake the fear that you won't grow spiritually and that you'll end up settling for a life that's "fine".

It's time for change. Time to wake up every morning feeling fulfilled and loving your life. It's time to stop hating yourself and learn to love yourself completely. Time to create the life of your dreams and fulfill your desires. Time to live a life of prosperity, abundance, and joy.

You deserve it. And frankly, it's why you are here.

Keri gives you tools to create possibilities for your life. Remove energetic blocks and interrupt the neural pathways that cause you to be stuck in repeat. Design your life the way you want it. Shed your self-hate and love yourself. Receive the gifts and magic the Universe has to offer you.

It's time to stop waiting for your life to change and take the action to transform it.

Book a session with Keri by logging onto www.kerisender.com or emailing: keri@kerisender.com


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