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Leyla Therese Støa

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Name: Leyla Therese Støa
Certification: Bars Facilitator
Phone: +47 93 20 30 99
Norway and the world
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Already as a child I knew there was more.

More possibilities, different realities, more questions and more to explore.

Have you ever met a child like that or maybe you were one? Needless to say, I could drive the adults around me insane. I would always ask why is that? why can't I do that? What else can I do? And I would stop at nothing to challenge the fixed points of view around me. And I get that that is annoying. So I stopped most of it for a long time, as I was also extremely aware of other people's thoughts feelings and emotions and quickly learned that it was not a good thing to upset people. People call that being a highly sensitive person now, or an empath.

With the combination of being a very uncomfortable person for people who don't like to challenge the status quo and being an extremely psychic person picking up thoughts, feelings and emotions without being fully aware of it comes the tendency to feel guilty for everything. As did I. I took the burden of the world and the people in it on my shoulders and spent a lot of my time resisting and reacting to it or aligning and agreeing with it with the end result of guilt and anger being my predominant modus operandi that I alternated between. Oh, the joy!

Eventually I couldn't take it anymore and finally used my questions to my advantage. What else is possible? I knew there was so much more available and I was driving myself crazy with the feeling of waiting for my real life to finally begin. And I realized I had to get out there and create some change for myself. Hokus pokus filiokus, a question creates... I found Access consciousness™.

I quickly went through the beginning classes Bars, foundation, Level 1, 2 and 3 and everything changed. Access consciousness™ and the founders Gary Douglas and Dr. Dain Heer gave me a lot of tools and information to handle what I was aware of.

I implemented and chose and chose again and implemented some more and kept coming back for more. And I still do.

The greatest gift that Access consciousness has been for me, is to get the awareness I had forgotten, that everything is possible and that everything is changeable and that I know.

Access changes all the time, which is one of the many reasons I never get bored with facilitating these classes or attending them. There is always more; always new information, new tools, new questions, new people, new possibilities and access to more of what I know.

If I were to list all the things I have changed in my life after implementing what I have learned in Access, this page would be really long and you would probably be very bored. The reality is that everything has changed! I have changed totally as a person while still being me (or more accurately, being more of me) and so has the outer reality of my life. Money, relationships, sex, my body, energy...everything has changed and I will keep on changing because I know that more is always possible. For all of us.

Hopefully, you will recognize that change in any area is available for you too, if and when you choose it. Please consider this your invitation to the joy of discovering more of you and what you are capable of.

For more information about my sessions, products and upcoming classes, please visit my website.

With Ease, joy, glory & Magic

Leyla Therese Stoa


Skype: theresestoa

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