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Peter Reed

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Name: Peter Reed
Certification: Practitioner
Phone: 941-323-6661
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About Peter Reed

Access is truly amazing. Gary and Dain are phenomenal beings. So am I and so are you. Welcome to Access. Access can be anything you want it to be. An awesome set of tools for healing (yourself, others, the planet), creating more people, sex or money in your life, creating more adventure, more fun and laughter, more ease, joy and glory, generating transformational change in any area of your life that isn�t working, generating more awareness, consciousness, presence, generating a more orgasmic life, how about a more phenomenal and exuberant life?�.which ones would you choose? Even if you only choose one, it may be like going down a rabbit hole and never recognizing yourself ever again! Access has allowed me to receive all of these and has given me the power and potency to choose any of these on a daily basis or not�..

Five and a half years ago, after receiving two bars sessions, I was able to give up taking amino acids for depression. Two weeks after that, I noticed that an intermittent arrythmic (supposedly benign but annoying) heartbeat that I had for over a year was gone. After my third bars session I was able to smile after 17 years of frowning. (Just kidding, but energetically true) I think I have laughed and joked more in the last 5 years than in my whole life. Whenever I go to an Access class I hear more laughing and joking than I do anywhere else on the planet. At the end of those same classes, mostly everyone appears younger. Could the two be related? Naw!! Gary and Dain are true geniuses in how they use humor to allow us to laugh at the limitations and shit we have so endearingly created in our life and at the same time allowing for those very same limitations to be released forever! Access is not only transformational, it's fun! the And this is just the beginning of the magic!

I invite you to your very own personal magic rabbit hole of Access��

Whenever, wherever, however, whatever you choose, you will never be the same.


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