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Nirmada Kaufman

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Name: Nirmada Kaufman
Certification: Bars Facilitator
Phone: (415) 857-3332
Mill Valley
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About Nirmada Kaufman

As an Access Consciousness® Certified Facilitator, Workshop Leader, Pragmatic Futurist and #1 Best Selling Author, I empower people around the world to be and do whatever it takes to get what they are asking for. I am best known for being The Radical Demand Diva and I’m here for the seekers in the world who are demanding change and are ready for it now!

Early on in my life I knew more was possible on Earth for health, wellness, prosperity and joy, for myself and for all others who desired it. Yet I didn’t know how to create this.

So I traveled the world, seeking guidance on how to create the phenomenal life I knew was possible. I invested most of my earnings in learning healing modalities from many different traditions. I even followed a guru for a while.

It wasn’t until I found Access Consciousness that I realized what I was seeking wasn’t outside of myself: it was inside of me all along. I discovered that nobody else had answers more powerful than my own awareness. Through using the tools of Access Consciousness I learned a unique and radically effective approach that has empowered me to create a phenomenal life.

I continue to travel around the world and while I will always seek for more, I now know that I’m not missing anything. Instead, I’m grateful for all l that I’m creating and contributing to the world and for being The Radical Demand Diva for all the seekers in the world who are ready to create their phenomenal life.

It took being a Radical Demand for myself to create something different in my life. It is this same tenaciousness that I bring to my work with clients, along with the gift I’ve had from an early age of turning creative ideas into living realities.

Are You Ready To Create Your Phenomenal Life?

Contact me to discover how I can guide you in becoming a Radical Demand for yourself!

For more info visit: www.RadicalDemand.com


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