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Dannah Lewis, CF

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Name: Dannah Lewis, CF
Certification: Certified Facilitator
Phone: 415-264-4533
Location: www.DeliciousLifeStyled.com www.DannahLewis.biz
San Francisco
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About Dannah Lewis, CF

Please visit www.DeliciousLifeStyled.com and chill in the (virtual) Lounge- full of tools and content to read, watch, listen to and engage with to shift your energy!!!

Hi, I'm Dannah Lewis thanks for visiting my profile. What contribution can I be to you? Some ways that enjoy collaborating with people- clearing the clutter that keeps you frustrated, anxious and stuck. It could be working together to create some strategic framework for your life, living or business. Or it could be to style your life or living with interior design or website / branding design.

I have a bright, shiny expansive view of the world and a rich enthusiasm for taking responsibility to create a delicious life. In 2007 I left my job as a V.P. of a large banking corporation, divorced and moved from the suburbs of Tampa, FL to city life in San Francisco, CA. Prior to leaving Florida, I experienced profound anxiety, insomnia and depression. In the past six years, and dynamically more so since discovering Access, I have learned how to truly embrace, express and celebrate all of me and trust (more each day) that I have the awareness and capacities to create the life I truly desire.

I merge my 20+ years of building, creating and navigating the corporate landscape with the tools of Access Consciousness and innate sense of working with energy to facilitate my clients…and myself in changing what doesn't work, generating a space for a different possibility and creating what I like to call a 'delicious life…styled'

Having my hands on someone facilitating energy or having my hands on a tool (like a computer mouse) that facilitates me in creating something that expresses my clients energetically and visually makes me happy, that's an awesome day for me…

…how can I contribute to your juiciest life and living?

With Ease & Joy,

dannah@deliciouslifestyled.com | 415.264.4533


"I had a Bars session with Dannah and it was awesome! I instantly felt relaxed, fell asleep and afterwards, felt like I was rewired & peaceful." Isis W., Founder, TheIntentionCall.com

"Dannah has an incredible grasp at how to put me at ease and reduce my stress. Her work is a must for any mom, entrepreneur, power woman." Stephanie B., Founder, InFlowCEO

"Dannah's ability to create the life she desires is inspiring. Brainstorming possibilities and putting those ideas into action are a gift." Shasta N., Founder & Author, GirlFriendCircles.com

After the first (Creaion In Action) class I had more of a sense of what I would like to create in my life, more awareness of my money flows and am inspired to create more that is actually the energies of me."
Sylvia P., Access Consciousness Facilitator and Corporate HR Manager

"Thank You, from the bottom of my heart...I don't think I've ever had so much ease, so much fun and had so much enjoyment from a business project. You have such a grace and an elegance about you and the way you work with your clients. You definitely made my life easier. I could not be more proud of and thrilled with my website! You tapped into who I am, what my business is about and you helped bring that vision to life in a way that I am just blown away by." Rhonda B., Access Consciousness Facilitator, CEO www.Rhonda-Burns.com


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Access Body Processes 3/Sep/2014 San Francisco, California, USA Dannah Lewis, CF
Access Body Processes 10/Sep/2014 San Francisco, California, USA Dannah Lewis, CF
Access Body Processes 17/Sep/2014 San Francisco, California, USA Dannah Lewis, CF
Access Body Processes 24/Sep/2014 San Francisco, California, USA Dannah Lewis, CF
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🌎 Access Streamed Online POD: Global Access Bars® Class with Gary Douglas! 26/Nov/2014 California, USA Dannah Lewis, CF  & 
Gary Douglas
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