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Dannah Lewis

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Name: Dannah Lewis
Certification: Certified Facilitator
Phone: 415-264-4533
Location: www.DeliciousLifeStyled.com www.DannaLewis.com
San Francisco | Worldwide
United States
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About Dannah Lewis

Dannah Lewis, Founder of Delicious LifeStyled (www.DeliciousLifeStyled.com) and Certifed Access Consciousness® Facilitator is a lifestyle design and business consultant taking people from possibilities to creating their juiciest realities with a deep sense of inspiration, caring, empowerment and celebration of living. Her holistic approach merges 20+ years of corporate experience, creative talents and innate sense of working with energy and healing capacities to dynamically facilitate people and businesses to exceed their desired results. "Framework & Flow".

Dannah lives in San Francisco, CA. She is a fanatic of fabulous food; seeker of joyful bliss; curator of delicious moments; creator of a juicy business; constant chooser of education and contributing to others; chaser of the sun and sultry swimming pools; lover of the city, mistress of nature giving North Bay / Marin and muse of the world.

Are you in the business of creating your juiciest reality? Would you like to meet some clients that have had sessions or attended classes with me?

"Interesting point of view, I have this point of view."
Repeat as many times as necessary (silently or out loud) to shift the wonky energy- it's meant to disrupt your brain and create space! How does it get any better than that? (say that for everything good or bad and see what changes…another favorite tool!)

From a woman who did a combination 7 sessions of Bars & Body Processes:
"Every week there is change, I'm friendlier, I'm choosing to enjoy more, I'm happier with my body and I feel more open to people and possibilities."

My comments: OMG, I loved creating customized sessions for her and it was so much fun to see and hear about the changes every week!

From a business client:
"Bars has given me more clarity, choices are easier to make and your business experience and the way you tap into the energy of situations has been really helpful to me and my business."

My comments: I almost stopped using my corporate background because I was so excited to have my hands on bodies and then I realized I could do both! Access has given me the space to play with all of my talents, capacities and gifts.

From a 90 year old client:
"Dannah, I always feel better when I leave here. I'm so much more comfortable with myself. What can we change today?"

My comments: This woman has changed my reality! There is no age limit for choosing change and self-care is always sexy!

From a Bars Facilitator that recently came to one of my Bars classes:
"This is what a class should be- fun, joyful, interactive…we learned new things and met new people!"

My comments: Every class is different to me and I love playing with everyone to clear the crap and create more of what they are asking for in their lives.

From a 4 year old client:
"I have a magic wand, can I create magic with that and have the eyeball eating dragon leave my room?" Yes and you know what else creates magic? Questions. You can ask the dragon questions to help him choose something different.

My comments: It's been so fun to work with kids, empower them to know what they know with everything including people with bodies and without and give them tools so they can be in charge of their reality and create magic!

Visit www.deliciouslifestyled.com for more info and chill in the (virtual) Lounge- full of tools and content to read, watch, listen to and engage with to shift your energy!!!

dannah@deliciouslifestyled.com | 415.264.4533 | www.DeliciousLifeStyled.com


"I had a Bars session with Dannah and it was awesome! I instantly felt relaxed, fell asleep and afterwards, felt like I was rewired & peaceful." Isis W., Founder, TheIntentionCall.com

"Dannah has an incredible grasp at how to put me at ease and reduce my stress. Her work is a must for any mom, entrepreneur, power woman." Stephanie B., Founder, InFlowCEO

"Dannah's ability to create the life she desires is inspiring. Brainstorming possibilities and putting those ideas into action are a gift." Shasta N., Founder & Author, GirlFriendCircles.com

After the first (Creation In Action) class I had more of a sense of what I would like to create in my life, more awareness of my money flows and am inspired to create more that is actually the energies of me."
Sylvia P., Access Consciousness Facilitator and Corporate HR Manager

"Thank You, from the bottom of my heart...I don't think I've ever had so much ease, so much fun and had so much enjoyment from a business project. You have such a grace and an elegance about you and the way you work with your clients. You definitely made my life easier. I could not be more proud of and thrilled with my website! You tapped into who I am, what my business is about and you helped bring that vision to life in a way that I am just blown away by." Rhonda B., Access Consciousness Facilitator, CEO www.Rhonda-Burns.com


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