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X-Men! ADD, ADHD and Dyslexia

ADD is a set of implants (points of view that have been energetically implanted into the person�s body and being) that create the disability. They are implants from another lifetime that are disrupting to the body and being.

This is really easy to change. Using the tools of Access, within 24 hours most of the problem, the behaviors associated with it ceases to exist. Totally weird, we know. We've tried it, it works.

We have found that you have to get your child's permission to get rid of this, because if they don't want to, it won't work. A lot of them like holding onto it because it gets them a lot of attention and it gets them out of a lot of stuff. Also if you as the parent do not want your child to change, you can block it from clearing or your child will recreate it because they know you don't want them to change.

ADHD is also a set of implants. People with ADHD have the propensity to pick up the angst and the worry of people around them. They tend to have a parent or a spouse who is a worrier, so they have a tendency to perceive this angst and worry dynamically.

This also can be cleared or changed dynamically in usually one Access private session or class.

Dyslexia is a particular implant that was put in to take a person away from the ability to translate other languages. It was a universal translating system that was made dysfunctional so that an individual wouldn't be able to translate all languages instantaneously. While you could speak all languages, you couldn't write any of them. What creates this as a dysfunction for you is the fact that what people say and what they are thinking are different and you are always aware of it because you are aware.

For private session in person or by phone, and for classes in your area or to invite a facilitator/learning facilitator to your area please go to the facilitators section of this website.

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