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X-Men! Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

"In Access we call this OCC or Obsessive Compulsive Creation. OCC is an ability to perceive other peoples' realities. If you compulsively create disorder or order in your room, if you compulsively live so that you have everything in order, if you compulsively pay your bills, you are OC - obsessive-compulsive, not disabled. "

Those who are OCC are usually very psychic. They are very aware of the thoughts, feels and emotions of those around them, even up to 8 to 100 miles in all directions. They are like psychic Sponge Bob and they soak up so much of what is around them that 98% of all of their thoughts, feelings and emotions don't actually belong to them. They are actually perceptions of the thoughts, feelings and emotions of all those people within 8-100 miles in all directions. There is nothing wrong with them! This is an incredible ability!

Because this is an ability it can not go away. Kids with OCC can however become aware of how it can work for them.

Tool 1- Who Does This Belong To?

If your child is overcome with emotion, feelings or can't stop thinking they are crazy ask; "Who does that belong to?" (for every thought, feeling and emotion they have). This facilitates your child in becoming aware that it is an awareness they are having, a perception and it doesn't belong to them. Usually they will instantly calm down or get over whatever they were "feeling."

Tool 2- POC & POD

If asking "who does this belong to?" doesn't change it completely you can also ask them if they will "POC and POD" when they bought that thought, feeling or emotion as theirs when it wasn't.

You can say to them the following "Access Clearing Statement," or they can say this to themselves; "POC and POD when I bought that as mine and it wasn't, Right and wrong, good and bad, POD and POC, all 9, shorts, boys and beyonds."

POC is short for "point of creation." This means you are asking the energy to go to the point of creation (the moment where you first began functioning as though whatever thought, feeling or emotion was actually yours) and uncreate and destroy it, so that you can now function as the infinite being you truly are.
POD is short for "point of destruction," where you started destroying yourself by functioning from those thoughts, feelings or emotions that were not yours.

Weird stuff I know - but try it out and see what happens. You can't make a mistake with this. There are no negative side effects. This is all choice. If your child doesn't really want to change something they will buy the limitation right back again. That is their choice. More often than not when your child realizes that there is another possibility and a different way to function, they will be relieved. This process has done wonders for people who were diagnosed OCD and given them for the first time in their lives a sense of peace.

Consciousness includes everything & judges nothing
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