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Access Kids - Where to Start?


What would it be like if we lived in a world where every child was acknowledged for the unique gift that they are?

Have you ever known a child that can walk into a room and lighten up the energy, a child who seems wise beyond their years, or one that makes you smile and bring down your barriers just by being present with you? That is the gift that kids can be, just by being them.

What could they create in their lives and in the world if they themselves were to know how valuable and brilliant they are?

So where can you start?

These tools below are a taste of some of the Access Consciousness tools that can allow you to improve your relationship with your children, and empower them to know they have choice. They are also a place to start having greater ease and possibility in all areas of your life and the lives of those you touch.

Ask a question

A question empowers and an answer always disempowers. Have you ever noticed that when someone asks you a question you start to look for your own awareness? That’s the gift of question. If you ask a question with an open mind and to get more awareness rather than to get an answer that will fix a problem, what you can receive will be dynamic.

Some questions you can ask yourself and your kids is:

  • How does it get any better than this? For any situation: it will make a bad situation better, and a good situation even greater.
  • What else is possible? This opens up to possibilities you may have not ever considered possible.
  • What would it take for….this to change? More ease with this?  This question is a direct request to the universe. Ask and you shall receive.
  • What do YOU know? This is a great question to ask kids and allows them to open up to their own awareness.

Being in allowance can start to change you and your child's life today

What is being in allowance? Being in allowance is being in a place of no judgment. There is total allowance of all things. When you are in allowance, you are a rock in the stream. Thoughts, ideas, beliefs, attitudes and emotions come at you, and they go around you and you are still the rock in the stream. Everything is an interesting point of view. When you are in allowance, you create a sense of larger space; a feeling of peace and calm for everyone around you. It's so rare for children to be with someone who is in allowance of who they are that they will want you to stay with them all the time. They like having you around because you don't look at them with judgment. All kinds of things become possible from this space and we would like you to recognize that this is the gift of being in allowance.

Acceptance is different from allowance. If you are in acceptance, when thoughts, ideas, beliefs and attitudes come at you and you are in the stream, you get washed away. In acceptance; you either, "align and agree," which is the positive polarity, or you "resist and react," which is the negative polarity. Either way, you become part of the stream and you get washed away.

If you are in allowance of what is being said or what is occurring, you can think to yourself, "That's an interesting point of view. I wonder if there's any truth in that? Or, I wonder if any of this is relevant?" You go into a question instead of a reaction. When you go into resistance and reaction or alignment and agreement with points of view, you create limitation and change is no longer possible.

See what else is available

There are books, telecalls, classes and even camps for kids where the target is to empower them to know that they know. What would it be like if all kids around the world knew that they too were infinite beings and had an infinite capacity for awareness and creation?

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Check out the book "Conscious Parents, Conscious Kids."

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You can even invite one to your area for a class. Most facilitators will travel if invited or hosted. www.consciouskidsconsciousparents.com/meet-the-facilitators

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