Melodee Von

Melodee Von

People have come to Melodee her entire life for her gifts and Energy. It wasn't until the phenomenal Dr. Mary Helen Hensley, Chiropractor, Metaphysician, BioSonic (Sound Vibration) Frequency Facilitator, and Best Selling Author arrived in her life in 2010 and became her mentor that she chose to know Synergistic BioSonic (Sound Vibration) Frequency through the Ancient Solfeggio Scale and Body Organ Tuning Forks.  When she finally chose it, Dr. Mary Helen’s response, "We've All been waiting!" Imagine her surprise to know that Dr. Mary Helen knew all along and had to wait for her to know it and Choose it herself!   

Melodee’s Access Consciousness adventure began years later in 2017. Melodee traded Synergistic BioSonic Frequency Sessions for Access Bars and Access Body Process Sessions with her friend, the phenomenal, Mylene Aldrich, C Ht. In February 2019, she took her first Access Bars Class and became a practitioner. Within 8 weeks, and a couple more classes, she became an Access Bars Facilitator.  All while choosing a move to Newberg, Oregon end of March 2019.  She left  a clientele of business owners, contractors, doctors, athletes, military, musicians, waitresses, bartenders, and mothers. 

Melodee moved from the wildfire burn areas in West Hills and Malibu, CA after her body took her out of a lucrative bartending career at a legendary steakhouse in Woodland Hills, CA.  It was time to share the gift she Be. She created, generated, and actualized a new Reality and Future for herself.

She chose the gift of Access Body Process classes and Access Energetic Facelift and became a practitioner in May of 2019. All of this while clearing, cleaning, and healing the land she lives with named Magickal Ladybug Haven in Newberg, Oregon. The Earth Space is now a wild, thriving, DIY event and film location that features a Legacy Forest, Energy Vortex, the Chehalem Creek, and more! She has "Bars in the Barn" Access Bars Classes and other Access Events! Be on the look out for upcoming fun!

She continues to choose, create, generate, and actualize greater for herself and be a gift for others and Earth. Living in Gratitude. How does it get any better than this? What else is Possible?

Every Access Bars or Access Body Process session is completely different for each being.  There are no two sessions alike, even for the same being as our molecules continually move, shift and are different in any given moment. The worst is you'll feel like you've had a relaxing massage, the greatest... your entire life may change.

Are you struggling with stress, PTSD, fatigue, anxiety, depression, money, your body, or just feel stuck in the “Dung”? Is it time to change all of that?

You are invited to Be different and have a conversation with Melodee about Access Consciousness tools, Access Bars, and Access Body Processes. 

Melodee invites to questions, choices, infinite possibilities, and contributions…true creation!

What will it take for you to choose living a life of Ease, Joy, Glory, Happy and YOU? 

What gift and contribution can Melodee Be for You and your Body?

Access Consciousness was created over 30 years ago by founder, the Brilliant, Gary Douglas and co-created with, the Epic, Dr. Dain Heer for the past 20 years, now and future!  

“All of Life comes to me with Ease, Joy, and Glory!”  The Access Consciousness Motto

How does it get any better than this? What else is Possible?

I am happy to schedule a class for a specific time and day to meet your requirements. If you require a class from 12pm-8pm on a Tuesday, for example, please let me know! How does it get any better than this? What else is possible?

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“"What is Possible for me that I think is not possible, that if I allowed the Possibilities would actualize a Different Reality?"”

- Dr. Dain Heer