Aditi Iyer

Aditi Iyer

Aditi Iyer

If you ever thought you were crazy, you haven't met me!
I was pretty sure I would be institutionalised if people actually met me.

For more than a decade, I couldn't leave my house for 2 months at a time, when things were good....
6 months when things were worse.
I have explored alternative therapies since I was 15 and experimented with a LOT of them...

And then I discovered The Bars!!!! (Cue clouds parting, angels singing and playing harps)

Turns out I'm different!

And I'm not the depressed morose piece of poop I thought I was (even though I still like to pretend I am from time to time)
I'm HAPPY! That's my true nature... (No matter how serious I'm told I should be)
I'm WACKY... and I cannot take a normal picture if my life depended on it (I need to take 10 with weird faces before the smiley one!)
And AWARE (especially of energies and beings without bodies)!!!!

Since then, I have, at every step, had a glimpse of the greater possibilities for me and for the planet.
Every class has given me the space to be more of me.
Every person I have met has added so greatly to my life and living.

As I get to travel and meet more of the amazing weirdos in the world, I am truly surprised how awesome this planet and consciousness is.

I have changed so much in my life.... by choosing! And I love travelling now!
I LOVE facilitating sessions!!
I LOOOOVE Sheldon Cooper!!!
And...I LOVE Minions and anything Marvel related also.
How does it get any better than this?

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“Never give up. Never give in Never quit!!!”

- Gary Douglas