Being You, Being Magic

What if you have the capacity to create your world by magic – as something that goes beyond your wildest dreams?

We’re taught that magic is hocus pocus, an illusion or airy-fairy fantasy... What if it’s actually the energy we all be?

What if magic is the capacity to be totally present in any situation, and change it simply by being a different energy, with no judgment or point of view?

You, my friend, are magic walking. Are you ready to turn that up?

In this one-day special class with Dr. Dain Heer you will explore your magic and get a taste of...

  • how to sense energy with your hands
  • how to contribute to someone's body and life energetically
  • how to use energy pulls to create more ease in every area of your life

If you had access to the most potent form of fairy-dust, what would you choose to create?

You do. Is now the time?




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