Bernice Vergou

Bernice Vergou

"Welcome! My name is Bernice Vergou, and I am a licensed Access Bars™ and Energetic Facelift™ Facilitator/Remedial Therapist/Registered Craniosacral Therapist (RCST®), in private practice at O'Halloran Hill, south of Adelaide, South Australia.

I’ve been using the tools of Access Consciousness™ since June 2008.  I facilitate private sessions (HEALTH FUND REBATES APPLY) plus “Learn to Run the Bars™” and "Access Energetic Facelift™" Classes.  I teach stress and relaxation courses at the Adelaide Workers Education Association, always incorporating ideas from Access™ into my classes and hold Bars™ Gifting and Receiving Exchanges at my new clinic, "The Studio" at O'Halloran Hill.

Would you care to join one of our Bars™ Exchanges? Students as well as guests are welcome, so even if you haven’t done a class, if you would like a Taste of Access™, or have a family member or friend you’d like to introduce to the zaniest, most useful, phenomenal life-changing set of pragmatic skills, tools and processes available on the planet, contact me now.

About me:
I have worked in the Remedial Therapy field since 1995 and hold a Diploma in Health Sciences, Remedial Therapies. In 2003 I travelled to Southern Germany and worked for 3 months in a Private Clinic in the Black Forest Area with cancer patients, introducing, using and training staff in complimentary therapies such as Cranio-sacral Therapy, EFT® and Bach Flower Remedies.

While overseas I also attended an Alternative Medicine Conference in London, where I spoke to 500 health professionals on the value of EFT® in Cancer Treatment. Since returning to Australia, I spend time volunteering (running Bars™) at a Palliative Care Centre in Adelaide, as my overseas work experience impressed upon me how supportive the therapies I use are in the treatment of serious disease.

Adding the tools of Access™ to my practice has added yet another dimension of health and whole body care. Having your Bars™ run can be life-changing, especially in the field of serious disease and it’s undoubtedly the best maintenance modality I’ve discovered yet!

What would it take to call and make your Bars™ Session appointment right now?

* * * * *

DOES HAVING YOUR BARS™ RUN TURN ON YOUR CREATIVITY?  Two Access Bars™ Students think it does:

“I had been suffering from lethargy and adrenal fatigue for about 18 months and was struggling to get motivated. The Global Bars™ Day offered me the chance to have my first Bars™ session. The previous week had seen me unwell with a lot of dull joint pain particularly in my knees.

I got off the massage table feeling much better, amazed that my knee pain had decreased by 90%. By the following day all my joint pain had gone and I was feeling so much better.

When I returned the following week to do the Bars™ Practitioner training day, we were chatting about the impact of Bars™ and I realised that I'd also increased my creative output.

I am learning to draw and I'd started a coloured pencil flower drawing 2 months earlier. I felt guilty every time I walked past it because I couldn't get motivated to work on it and was now tackling the more difficult section which was the flower petals. Occasionally I would spend half an hour on it but I wasn't getting anywhere and I found it hard going. After having my Bars™ done I completed the final 60% of the picture in 2 days and it was easy and enjoyable.

How does it get any better than that?” A.B., Eden Hills

* * * * *
“At the Access Bars™ workshop I attended I mentioned a change in direction I'd taken and promised to let you know the details so I've checked up in my diary to get my facts straight. I had my first Access Bars™ run (with my friend, D.B.) in late March and only two days later I volunteered to teach an embroidery class (a first for me), as a result of this I realised I had to develop my own teaching notes and wondered how I was going to set about it.

Then in early May I had my second session of Bars™ and the same day started writing my booklet for beginners in Hardanger (Norwegian) Embroidery, with suitable photos and scanned images to illustrate the points.

Several weeks later I started creating more advanced patterns which I thought I couldn't do (before Bars™) so think my friend might have turned on some Creativity for sure!!"" B.T., Nairne

* * * * *
Gratitude for Access Bars™:
""Hi Bernice. As I walked along the beach [my body said no to swimming in the choppy water] after my Bars™ session, I felt really happy and felt a welling up of gratitude for you and the work you do. How does it get any better than facilitating people to find more joy in their life? Blessings and Gratitude,"" S.D., Adelaide

* * * * *

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