Christel Crawford

Christel Crawford

Christel Crawford

What gift are you that you're not receiving the fortune of?

"Access Bars® and Access Consciousness restores you to the awareness of greater possibilities and more choice, for you and the creation of your life."

I facilitate these tools because they changed my life.  Nothing that I was before is the same.

I was sad all.the.time.   And now, I can't even remember what that was like.  I wake up deeply happy.

Working as a manager and bartender of a restaurant, I was proud of the money I made.  But it didn't allow me to travel and take classes, and even though I had NO idea how to do it, these tools empowered me to start creating the kind of money that allows me to live where I'd like, travel where I want to and take and facilitate any class around the world.

Divorced for the second time and not wanting to repeat that EVER, I was able to go on the search for what might be really true for me in regards to relationship, and have created something incredibly nurturing to me, my life and my body.

In total judgment of my body, now I live in my body now and l o v e being alive.

It sounds so cliché to say that everything has changed - but everything has changed.

I now know that I have total choice in every moment.

I can choose peace where others will choose conflict.  And potency where others might choose to lay down and retreat.

I have the ability to create anything I'd like to have as my life and as the world.

My question for you is: what have always know must be possible that now is the time to choose?  What have you been looking for?  And is now the time to find it?

You know. You.

And I can't wait to watch you fly.


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What would it be like if you embodied so much consciousness that other people became more conscious as a result of you?

“Consciousness is the ability to be present in your life in every moment, without judgment of you or anyone else. It is the ability to receive everything, reject nothing, and create everything you desire in life – greater than what you currently have, and more than what you can imagine. What if you could perceive, know, be and receive everything required to create the life you have always known should be possible?”

- Gary Douglas


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