Dr. Cindy Fellay

Dr. Cindy Fellay

Dr. Cindy Fellay

Is now the time for you to be the gift in the world that you came here to be? I am here to empower you to have more of you and to live the life you have always known should be possible, whatever it is for You :)

I have so much more ease in every area of my life. Everything seems so peaceful now compared to the lifestyle I was choosing before I had the Access tools. And at the same time my life is now super exciting, every day is a super fun adventure! :) I am present in my life in every moment, constantly asking questions to know what is required, and it feels just amazing! I am in the driver's seat of my life, I am on top of things and I can enjoy and create my adventure of living every single day!

And the Access business I have been creating is SO much fun and rewarding that I never feel like I am working. I am constantly creating my life. And me having fun and creating my life creates my business!! :) How does it get any better than this???

Access Consciousness® empowers you to know that YOU know, to know that you ALWAYS have choice and that you CAN create the life that you truly desire to have! :)



- Would you like to participate in one of my live events? See the list below for my next online and face-to-face events that include The Foundation®, Clearing Nights and Talk To The Entities® Events. Some of my events are in French and some are in English. Please check the event description to know which language the event is offered in.

- Would you like to book a private session with me? Access Bars®, energetic treatments, life coaching sessions. Life coaching sessions are available over the phone and online on Zoom too.

- Bookings / Enquiries about private sessions & events: Email me at cindy@drcindyfellay.com.au or give me a call or send me a text on 0467 032 348.

- If you would like to know about my next events, you can follow me on Facebook

- And if you would like to receive 1-2 emails per month from me to be informed about what I am up to, please subscribe through this link: http://eepurl.com/g9tBXT


What is an Access Bars® session like? What I do is I lightly touch 32 points on your head over an hour to an hour and a half. It can contribute to your well-being by relieving stress and anxiety. Here is a recent scientific study on the benefits of Access Bars® on anxiety & depression: https://energypsychologyjournal.org/abstracts/abstracts-volume-9-number-2-november-2017/effects-access-bars-anxiety-depression-pilot-study/



En tant que Facilitatrice Certifiée (CF) d'Access Consciousness® et de Parler aux Entités®, je propose des séances individuelles d'accompagnement par téléphone et en ligne, ainsi que des ateliers (La Fondation®, Parler aux Entités®, soirées de déblayages) en Suisse et en ligne. En ce moment, tous mes ateliers en français sont donnés en ligne au vu des restrictions de mouvement en place à l'échelle internationale. Quoi d'autre est possible ? Tu trouveras plus d'informations sur mes prochains événements au bas de cette page. Le moment est-il venu d'être TOI et de vivre la vie que tu as toujours sue possible ? Quoi d'autre est possible sur cette Planète magique ? :) Si tu souhaites être informé de mes prochains événements, tu peux me suivre sur Facebook

Tu peux aussi t'abonner à ma Newsletter que j'envoie 1 à 2 fois par mois en cliquant sur ce lien : http://eepurl.com/g9tBXT

Au plaisir de te rencontrer en ligne ou en personne, maintenant et dans le futur ! :)

Cindy (cindy@drcindyfellay.com.au)





Dr. Cindy Fellay has always been willing to make a difference in this world and she has explored many ways to bring what she truly wants to bring on our beautiful Planet. Her motto is Gandhi's famous quote: "Be the change you want to see in the world".

Dr. Cindy did a Bachelor degree in Chemistry, a Master degree in Molecular & Biological Chemistry, and she was awarded a PhD in Science after working for 5.5 years at Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (EPFL), Switzerland, on various projects involving therapeutic drugs. She mainly worked on drug repurposing, using a combination of Molecular Biology, Chemical Biology, Biochemistry and Organic Chemistry techniques.

Dr. Cindy then moved on to teaching in Australia, where she completed a Graduate Diploma in Secondary Education and worked as a Science and Mathematics Secondary School teacher in Melbourne, Australia.

Dr. Cindy has created a successful business where she uses the tools of Access Consciousness® to empower people to change anything that is not currently working for them, through private sessions and workshops. She gets happier and happier each time she sees people choosing what truly works for them and making whatever changes are required to fully enjoy their lives on this beautiful Planet! :)

Dr. Cindy is currently undertaking a Diploma of Counselling in Australia to have even more resources to assist her clients in choosing the life they truly would like to have!

How does it get any better than this?


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“Be the change you want to see in the world”

- Mahatma Gandhi