Your Acoustical Body

Welcome to Your Acoustical Body!

You as an infinite being are an acoustical wavelength, but you learn to solidify your vibration to live in polarity. What if you could let go of the need to fit into polarity?

Would it be fun to create a totally different reality

  • with your body?
  • when healing others?
  • with food and herbs and minerals?
  • with money?
  • with precious metals and stones?
  • with everything around you?

... and what else is possible with your acoustical body that only you know?

Do you often walk into the local organic shop and ask your body to take everything that can contribute to it? What if this is just the beginning? When your body is functioning as the acoustical vibration of the infinite being, you are stepping into oneness.

Is this the time to be phenomenal with your acoustical body? Is this what you've been looking for since you've left the Golden Planet? 

Let's start an amazing adventure and discover the magic you can create with your acoustical body!


This is a One day class




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