Conscious Horse Conscious Rider is a program for those who would like to explore a new way of being, and are willing to move into greater joy and ease through a profound connection with horses.

CHCR is for people who appreciate, are curious about, or would like to experience the inherent dignity and wisdom of horses, and understand the power of non-verbal communication and connection.

We have a growing number of facilitators around the world, each offering a range of courses to help you:

  • learn to see the world from a horse’s perspective
  • discover the art of presence, ease and allowance
  • develop a deeper, more trusting relationship with yourself
  • move beyond any fear of horses and appreciate their beauty and wisdom
  • learn how being with a horse can help you flourish in all aspects of your life

The CHCR Story

The Conscious Horse Conscious Rider program was created by Access Consciousness founder, Gary Douglas. An avid life-long horseman, Gary recognized how being around horses allowed him to flourish in other areas of his life.

By establishing CHCR, Gary set out to invite horse lovers around the world to form a deeper connection with the horses in their lives; to assist them in overcoming barriers to non-verbal communication, to form deeper, more respectful partnerships, and to listen to what these magnificent beings have to teach us about life and living. The tools presented in CHCR are pragmatic and easy to learn and many attendees are amazed at how effortless it is to apply them.