Christina Meakim

Christina Meakim

Ready for more freedom?

What is it that you truly desire?

I love helping people be free.

Free to choose whatever works for them and their life. 

I have always been curious about what was possible for each and every one of us. I spent 20 years studying many modalites of personal work. When I was introduced to the simple, brilliant tools of Access Consciousness, they transformed my life so fast, I became a Certified Facilitator. 

One of the greatest gifts that I received from these tools was to know what was true for me. It created so much ease with choosing and creating my life.

Again, what is it that you truly desire? 

I invite you to check out the tools of Access Consciousness and see if they can contribute to your life being greater too! Come play!


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“Right now is where the fun is!”

- Me!