Recovering You With Ease – Moving Beyond The Effects Of Abuse And Addiction

Moving Beyond The Effects Of Abuse And Addiction

Do you believe that your experiences of having been abused and/or having chosen addiction dictate who you are and what your life and can and cannot be?

What if there is a very different possibility?

What if you had the tools and information to empower you to never default to the victim position again? What if you never had to be the effect of anyone or anything for the rest of your life?

What if you could actually see the amazing being you truly are, and gave up your dedication to your past. Would you be of interest to you?

It’s easier and more possible than you’ve imagined.

Some of the benefits you can receive from this class include:

• Practical tools and information that you can be using immediately to empower yourself to begin to move beyond your past.

  • How abuse and addiction affects people and what you can do to move beyond those effects
  • How the victim role gets created, and how to move past that and into being the creator source of your life.
  • The impact of family on abuse and addiction, and how to move beyond that.
  • An ease of being you that is not possible with an attachment to abuse and addiction.

The space for you to begin to truly show up as you and celebrate the amazing being you are! This class is designed, to be fun, interactive and life changing!

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